Layers of the Earth


If the thickness of the upper layer of the Earth increases by some few kilometers, it will consume the available oxygen and it would be difficult to man, animals and plant to survive. The oxygen forms %8.88 of the weigh of water and the rest is hydrogen and carbon dioxide. If the amount if hydrogen increases by doubling itself, it would be difficult to make oxygen available and water would have over flooded the whole earth. If the daytime becomes length, the sun would have burnt all the plants on the earth. Therefore, Night and Daytime succeed each other so that to make it possible for the live beings to survive on the earth. We have to know that on some plants, the daytime is longer than our Daytime by ten tomes. Some of the plants have the Daytime as the permanent state of affairs whereas some other plants have the Night as the permanent and constant condition. Source: “The book of Monotheism” Part I By: Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elzinadani Dr. Mansoor Mohammed Hasab El Nabi, the head of the physics Dept. in Ascandaria University, says, till now science does not know what is meant by the seven skies and the seven earths. But we can inter from the Quranic verse “Allah is He who created seven Firmaments and of the earth a similar number. Through the midst of them (all) descends His command: that you may know that Allah has power over all things, and that Allah comprehends all things in His knowledge” [65:12] that there are other six earth and each earth has its own sky. Another thing which supports this inference is the saying of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) “O Allah; the Lord of the seven skies and what they shaded and the Lord of the earths and what they loaded with” Each earth has a sky over it “And of the earth a similar number”. However, the commands of All descends to those skies and earths, may mean that there are other creatures on those earths which may be discovered in the near future. This maybe inferred from the saying of Quran “And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the living creatures that he has scattered through then and he has power to gather them together then together when he wills” [42:29] We understand from this Quranic sign that there is a possibility of gathering those different worlds together. It maybe either this life or in the hereafter. It is worth mentioning that the term “Praise be to God, the Cherishes and Sustainer of the worlds” has been mentioned seven times as follow [1:2], [6:45], [10:10], [37:182], [39:57], [40:65] and [45:36]. This shows a correlation between the number of the worlds created by Allah and the number of times they are mentioned in Quran. Particularly the last one of them says, “Then Praise be to God, Lord of the heavens and Lord of the earth, Lord and Chevisher of all the worlds” [45:36]. It means that he is the lord of all the worlds. Source: “Sciences in Quran” By: Dr. Mohammed El habbal and Dr. Migdad M. Eljawari.





The prophet Mohammed PBUH stated that “verily, amongst the countries of Allah, Makka is the most adored country to Allah”. The new scientific discovery which was declared in 1977 and which amazed the scientist says that “Makka is the center of the lands of the world. It took many years to confirm this scientific fact through scientific research. It depended on a group of complicated mathematical tables which the scientists have computerized. The Egyptian scientist Dr. Hussain Kamalud Deen related the story of this amazing discovery. He says: He started a research with a different object. He was preparing a research which gives an instrument to every body all over the world which enable him to recognize the direction of Qibla, “the direction of the location of the holy city Makka” because, during his various tips abroad he felt that this is one of the main problems which faces a Muslim when he wants to pray particularly if the Muslim traveler was in a place which has no a Mosque as it happens to students who study abroad. Therefore, he thought of making a new map to the globe so that to determine the direction of Qubla on it. After laying down the outlines of the research in his preliminary or tentative research, as well as the map of the five continents, this fact, suddenly, appeared to him. He got amazed. The Egyptian scientist found that the Honored Makka city is located at the center of the world. He used a divider and put one of its end on the location of Makka and then he passed the other end on ends of all continents. It confirmed to him that the dry land on earth is distributed around the holy city of Makka in a regular manner and consequently he found Makka to be the center of the dry land on earth. Again he prepared the map of the old world before the discovery of America and Australia and he repeated the experiment. Again he found Makka to be the center of the dry land even in the case of the old world. Dr. kamalud Deen says. I started my research by drawing a map that measures the distances of all location on earth from Makka. Then I linked between the longitudes which are equal so that to know how the longitudes and latitudes would appear in relation to location of Makka. Then I drew the borders of the continents and the other details on this web of lines. The experiment need to perform some of the complicated mathematical formula by the help of computer so that to determine the required distances and cures. It also required a computer program that helps to draw the web of longitude and latitude. Only by chance, I found that I can draw a circle which makes Makka its center and its border out of the six continents of the world and the surrounding of this circle orbits with the border of the external continents. Then, Makka and by the power of Allah, is the heart of the earth. This correlates with what has been expressed by science in the discovery of scientist that it is the center of radiation gathering of the magnetic gravitation, which is a strange phenomena experienced by whoever visited Makka for performing Hajor Ounra in a state of heart piety. Such a pilgrimage feels an intuitive attraction to whatever in it. Its land, mountains and its entire corner. He feels a desire to get melted in and merged with its entity by his heart and body. This is a continuous feeling which exists since the creation of Earth. The earth like other planets and stars undergoes a continuous process of gravitation with other planets and stars the earth is affected by this gravitation therefore it releases what we may call a radiation. This inner meeting point was discovered by an American scientist of topographia. He confirmed its existence and location from a geographical point of view. In this regard he was not having any religious motive behind it. In his laboratory, he accomplished great efforts which made him to work day by right. He worked and examined the map of the earth and by the help of various tools and instruments. Then he unintentionally discovered that the center of meeting of the cosmic radiation is Makka. Here appears the wisdom behind the saying of the prophet Mohammed PBUH which corresponds to the Quranic sign that says, “thus have we sent by inspiration to thee An Arabic Quran that thou mayest warn the Mother of cities and all around her and warm them of the day of assembly of which there is no doubt: when some will be in the garden, and some in the blazing, fire” [42:7] therefore, we can realize the wisdom behind closing Makka to be the place for Kaaba and making it the center from which the Islamic message spread to all over the world. Thus, everyday science is confirming an Islamic fact, which have been revealed before fourteen centuries. Source: The scientific miracle in Islam and Sunna Nabaweyya. By: Mohammed Kamil Abdel Samad.


The cloud


Allah says “Seest thou not that Allah Makes the clouds” [24:43] In another Quranic verse He tells us what the brothers of Yusuf said to Yusuf “We have (now) brought but scanty capital” [12:88] Scanty capital means what is gradually paid. As far as the gradual formation of clouds, Quran says: “Seest thou not that Allah makes the clouds more gently, then joins them together, then makes them into a heap? – then will thou see vain issue forth from their midst” [24:43]. When we study the cloud which is the form of a heap we find that originally it was scanty & scattered pieces of clouds. Gentle air operates to join them together. A heap of cloud gets formed when a cloud or two gets formed quickly and consequently a current of air also gets formed within the cloud. However due to pressure within the cloud the air climbs up & the cloud or clouds become more fused & united with each other & this leads again to pressure of air between the other clouds which on its turn climbs up & unites more clouds with each other and heaps of clouds get formed. A vertical development takes place & leads to packing of clouds on each other & form heaps of clouds. There is a speed process of arranging succeeding which increase the weigh of clouds and decreases the temperature. The center of the clouds become more heavy & more cold & consequently the rain falls. The above Quranic verse indicated this process in a clear meaning by terms such as “Clouds move gently” “join them together” “then makes them into a heap” “rain issue forth from their midst”. Modern science exerted hard to decipher the above process whereas it has been revealed in Quran before fourteen centuries. The more people read Quran the more faithful & believers they would be. Source: “The Age of Faith has dawned” By: Shaikh Abdel Majeed El Zindani.






Mountains are huge chunks of stone rocks. They exist on abigger chunk called the Earth. Both are from the same material. Usually people consider that mountain are huge chunks which sit on another bigger chunk. But when Man probed various layers of the Earth, he found that mountain penetrate the fur layer of the Earth. This first layer is fifty kilometers Thick Mountain bases get linked with the Earth is armoring one. However to protect the upper layer of the Earth from being affected by the second moving layer Allah the exited in might fixed it by mountains which penetrate the Two layers satiation the first one Mountain fix the first layer just like the peg which foxes the tent. Therefor researchers found a root under each mountain which penetrates the layer of the Earth Researcher were amazed when they found that this fact has been revealed in the holy Own Quern says “And the mountains as pegs? “78:7” It also says And the mountain Hath He firmly fixed “79:32 Another Ironic verses He set on the earth mountains standing firm lest it should shake with you “31:15” Source the Age of faith dawned” By: Skaikh Abdel Majeed El Zindai




Billow Topped by Billow


Billows topped by billows. This is a fact revealed by Quran before fourteen centuries, however, now modern science has confirmed it. Modern science has reached to this fact after establishing hundreds of sea stations by pictures taken by satellites. This fact was said by professor Rashryder a German sea scientist. Before hearing Quran he used to say that the more science advances the more religion retreats. But after hearing this Aaya from Quran he stated that it could not be the product of human intellect. He means that it is a divine word. Professor Dorjaro, the teacher of sea Geology confirmed what Quran said before fourteen centuries. First we have to look at what Quran has said. It says “Or (the unbelievers state) is like the depths of darkness in a vast deep ocean, over whelmed with billow Topped by billow, Topped by (dark) clouds: Depth of darkness, one above another: of a man stretches out his hand he can hardly see it! For any to whom Allah giveth not light. There is no light” [24:40]. Professor Dorjaro says that in the past man was not capable of diving into the depth of a sea for more than twenty meters without using necessary equipments. But now we can dive into the depth of deep seas and oceans with the help of modern equipments, however, when we go deep into the oceans and deep seas we find the depth very dark. Just at the depth of two hundred meters it is very dark. The modern discoveries of the depth of deep seas gave us real reflection of the picture given in the holy Quran “deep ocean” “Depth of darkness, one above another”. It is well known that the spectrum has seven different colors. We may mention for example the red, the yellow, the blue, the green, the orange etc… As we go to the depth of a sea we will find that these colors start disappearance of each color will give more darkness. The first disappear is the red, then the orange, then the yellow and the last color to disappear is the blue color which disappear at the depth of about two hundred meters. As each color disappears, as darkness becomes denser till we reach to a state of an over whelming darkness. Regard the Quranic saying “billow topped by billows” it is scientifically evident that there is a demarcation line, a partition, a division between the deep part of the sea and its upper part. This demarcation line of dividing part is full of waves. These waves break and neutralize the light of the sun and consequently it fails to go to the depth of the sea due to wares. This is a scientific discovery made now in the modern age, but Quran has explained it in detail before fourteen centuries. Professor Dorjaro himself stated that what Quran has explained can not be a human knowledge of that time. He means that it is divine revelation from Allah to the Prophet Mohammed PBUH. Source: Material Evidence for the Existence of Allah. By: Shaikh Mohamed Mutanabi Elsharaowi.



The Sea Barrier


The modern photographs of the seas proofed that seas don’t share the same characteristics of formation. They differ in their Tempe retune degree of salt density percentage of Oxygen. Photograph which has been picked by a satellite showed each sea in different colour. some of them are dark blue some other are black some are yellow It was basically due to the variation in temperature which surround in sheen each sea The photogravure has been picked up according to the temperature characteristics . The modern means of science has found barrier between seas The water of the seas doesn’t Mix and intermix but controlled by their aviation characteristics . Water of seas may meet together yet deep separate as it there was abarrier or partition between then . Each ivy works to maintain its own peculiar char aclievistics . in this regard Outran says He has let free the two bodies of the flowing water meeting to gather Between them is abarrier which they don’t tanagers (55:19-20) Therefor the Barrier maintains sustains the peculiar characteristics of each sea even if a group of seas meet together. Source: Material Evidence of Existence of Allah By Skaikh Mohammed Mutwail El Sharawi




 The Sky & The Earth


In Quran Allah says, “It is He who hath created for you all things that are on the earth; Moreover, his design comprehended the heavens, for he gave order and perfection to the seven firmaments; and of Allah things he hath perfect knowledge [2:29] in other Quranic verse he says, “Moreover, He comprehended in His design the sky, and it had been as smoke” [41-11]. The earth was already created and that there was a stage of the sky stages which has been as a smoke. This the word of Allah which the science is confirming now. If anybody wants evidence, he can go to any the of telescope and see by his own eyes. He will find smoke in the sky. The remaining of the smoke is still contributing in the formation of stars and planets. If we ask a simple man or an educated man, is the smoke results of fire or the fire results from the smoke? Naturally, he will reply by saying that smoke results from fire. Then can any body think that planets and stars were, once upon a time, smoke? Can any body think that fire was once smoke? Nobody will think about it. But it is confirmed by the holy Quran “Moreover, he comprehended in his design the sky, and it had been as smoke, he said to it and to the earth ‘come together, willing or unwillingly’ they said: ‘We do come (together) in willing obedience” [41-11] When the earth entered the process of formation, the scientists say that mountains came out from the depth of the earth by the process of volcanoes. Different mountains came into existence by the activities of volcanoes which throw out the materials of mountains. Examine the meaning of this Quranic verse which says, “and when the Earth is flattered out, and casts forth what is within it and becomes clean empty” [84:3-4] Has the earth castled forth what is within it before or after its formation? In other words, the mountains which have been mentioned in the Quranic sign “And the mountains hath he firmly fixed” [79:32] are formed by the process of casting forth. The Earth castled forth the mountain and then the water of seas, oceans and rivers have come out of the earth itself. The air with its components and the rich soil all were in side the earth. The Earth easted forth all these materials to its surface. Quran says “What! Are the more difficult to create or the heaven (above)? (God) hath constructed it: on high hath he raised its canopy and he hath given it order and perfection. It is night doth He Endow with darkness and its splendor doth he bring out (with light). And the earth, moreover, Hath he extended (to a wide expander) he draweth out therefrom its moisture and its pasture. And the mountains hath he firmly fixed” [79:32]. The above verses show the abundance of boons bestowed by Allah upon those who live on earth. But after this display of abundant boons, the verses which follow them states “Therefore, when there comes the great, over whelming (event). The Day, when Man shall be placed in full view for all to see” [79-34-36] if we examine all these Quranic verses told us many facts. Some of these facts are confirmed by science now as admitted by contemporary scientists. Scientists studies the sky and the earth and found many facts which were already mentioned in Quran before fourteen centuries. They realized the truth contained in these verses after studying the earth, its creation and the beginning of the creation of its resources, and as they realized the truth of the process of the beginning if the earth creation they must realize the truth and the significance contained in the Quranic signs which display the process of the end of the creation, as it is mentioned in the second part which says, “Therefore, when there comes the great, overwhelming (event). The day when man shall remember (all) that he store for” when all of us, me and you, remember what we have done. Every one will get his dues. Quran goes on saying “then, for such as had transgressed all bounds, and had preferred The life of this world, the abode will be hell-fire and for such as had entertained the fear of standing before their Lord’s (tribunal) and had restrained (their) soul from lower desires, their abode will be the Garden” [79:37-41] Since we scientifically found the truth of the first part of the above Quranic verses, then we will definitely face the truth of the second part of Quranic signs which tells about the end of life and the emergence of Hell-fire and Garden, the transgressor of all bounds and the obedient who obey Allah. Then, every one is free to chose but he has to bear the consequences of his choice. Inside our earth there is a continuous inflammation, hot currents, melted rocks and minerals etc. it heat and turmoil are in a continuous movement. But the heart of earth, which is in a continuous turmoil as a result of its hot content, is covered by a thick and wide crust which tries to control the hot content within the heart of the earth. The thickness of this crust which act like a slab spreading – out on the surface of the earth and makes the earth livable as well as protect us from its hot inner content, its thickness is about seventy kilometers Allah provides us with means of livelihood on Earth and protected us from its hot content. The natural response which we should adopt is to worship and obey Allah. Look at this Quranic verse’ “O ye people! Adore your Guardian Lord, who created you and those who came before you, that ye may have the chance to learn righteousness; who has made the earth your couch” [2:21-22] Allah spread-out the Earth crust and made it as a slab, a mat that makes life on earth easier. Quran shows us the process of earth creation. It explained before fourteen centuries, but modern science has realized it only before a decode. Source: “Science is the path for faith” By: Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elzindani




The moon and the sun


Astronomers found that the moon movement is 18 kilometers per a second, the Earth movement is 15 kilometers per a second, whereas the sun movement is 12 kilometers per a second. The sun, the earth & the moon all run & the distance between them is regularized. Quran explained this fact before fourteen centuries. It says “And the sun Runs his course for a period determined for him: that is the decree of (Him) the exalted in Might, the All Knowing. And the moon we have measured for her Mansions (to traverse) Till she returns like the old (and withered) lower part of a date – stalk. It is not permitted to the sun to catch up the moon, nor can the night outstrip the Fay: Each (just) swims along in (its own orbit) (According to Law) [36:38-40]. What does “Ali runs And Mohammed moves and Ali cannot reach Mohammed runs but Ali does not reach Mohammed. Here Allah the Excelled in might says “And the sun runs his course for a period determined for him” Then He says “ It is not permitted to the sun to catch-up the moon” This means that the moon is meant to be before the sun where as the sun runs and can not catch up it. Because the speed of the moon is 18 kilometers & that of the earth is 15 kilometers while that of the sun is 12 kilometers. Whatsoever the sun runs it will not catch up the moon. But what makes the moon also to retain its mansions while it can leave them? The astronomers found that the moon runs in a zigzag swing and not in a straightforward line. The moon runs in this manner to retain its mansions and locations. In this manner Allah organized and systemized the orbiting &more movements of all of them so that they retain their orbiting traces & do not depart them. Therefore, we have the regular succession of Night & Daytime, seasons etc…. Don’t you think it is an excellent determination? Is it possible that it has come only by chance? No, it has not come by chance because chance cannot create such excellent & systematic norms of the universe. Allah has created all this & creates this systemic cosmic norms. Source: “The Age of Faith has dawned” By: Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elzindani



The Breakaway of Day-time


New & Modern science discovered that Night is surrounding the earth from all directions & the part which the Day-time get formed on it is the air which surround the earth. It is in the form of a thin crust, which resemble the skin. When the earth rotates it sloughes off the thin Day-time state which has been reigning as a result of the reflections of the sun ray which falls on the air molecules of the sun and consequently formed the daytime. As a result of this rotation the Day-time breaks away (sloughes off) from Night. Allah the Exalted in Might says “And a sign for them is the Night. We withdraw therefrom the day, and behold They are plurged in Darkness” [36:37] Source : “The Book of Monotheism” Part I By : Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elzindani Quran has revealed the globular shape of the earth not only in single Quranic verse but this fact has been revealed in many Quranic verses. Why? Because it is an important cosmic issue. The other holy Books which have been revealed to Prophets who came before Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Them All) all those Books have been distorted by their own people. Those distorted Book fabricated a conflict between religion and science and even persecuted some scientists. To eliminate the effects of the distortion of the other holy Books. Quran has been revealed and it offered us successive evidence of the globular nature of the earth. Allah Exalled in Might says “It is permitted to the sun to catch up the moon nor can Night outstrip the Day, the moon, nor can the Night outstrip the Day, Each just swims along in (its own) orbit (According to Law)” [36:40]. Before Islam Arabs used to think that only the Day-time does not precede the Night and not vice versa also. This Quranic sign came as a reply to them. It explained to them that neither can the Day-time precedes the Night, nor can the Night precede the Day-time. Both are present on the Earth and there is no change in the basic norms and laws of the cosmos. They remain the same and will go on till the Day of Judgement. If the shape of the earth was square, rectangle, sixfold or in any shape other than the globular shape, Day-time would have been created first at the time of cosmos creation. But Day-time and Night can not be present at a single time on the surface of the earth unless the earth is globular. The globular shape of the earth allows half of the earth to be in Night time and the other half in Day-time. To confirm this fact, Allah the Exalted in Mighty mentioned it in another Quranic sign that states “And it is He Who made the Night and day to follow each other such as have the will to celebrate His praises or to show their gratitude” [25:65] What does “to follow each other” mean? It means that Day-time and Night succeed each other. It is just like the guard shift. For example, in a factory which works for twenty-four hours, there will be two or three shifts of guards. Three groups of guards will succeed each other. However since it is a continuos process, then it is not possible to name any of these groups to be the first and the other to be second. Because it is a continuous circulating process. They just succeed each other. Each one can be the end and the beginning at the same time. Therefore in the above Quranic sign we find that Day-time and Night have been created and made available at one on different parts of the earth but it mentions that they succeed each other. This indicates the fact of the globular nature of earth as well as its continuous rotation around itself and its orbiting around the sun. Allah says that at the time of creation, Day-time and Night were in the process of succeeding each other, they were to XXX each other. Neither of them has preceded the other. No place on the earth experiences a Day-time nor it experiences a continuous Night. If the earth was fix and does not rotate then daytime and Night would be stable and fix, each on its own part of the earth. But the above Quranic verse indicates explicitly, that due to the globular as well as rotating nature of the earth, Night and day time follow each other. Source : “Material Evidence for Existence of Allah” By : Shaikh Mohammed Mutwali El Sharaawi.



Globular Nature of Earth


The holy quran is the word of Allah . it is our way of worship up to the judgement day . this means that there is no contradiction between what it says and what the new scientific discovers say . however , quran must be understood properly so that to confirm the concerns of the new scientific discoveries , because many scientific statements of today may be refuted tomorrow there fore they must be dealt with carefully when we try to see it significance in quran Allah says “ and the land we have spread out [15:19] spread means stretched however this quanic verse combines language and its effectiveness after almost fact which human intellect it discovers after almost one thousand and five hundred years .when the verse mentioned that the earth is stretched it did not mean that the whole shape of the earth is stretched but it addressed man that wherever the moves he will always find the earth gets stretched before him . man who;; might get confounded by an adage of earth where he will find space . if the shape of the earth was square or rectangle or in any shape other than globular man would have get confronted by an adage where he sees the end of the surface of the earth and the begging of the space man to come back to the same point from where he moved as the globular shape , man in this movement from the starting point and coming back to the same point will always find the earth stretched before him therefore the above mentioned quince verse miraculously indicates the appearance as well as the reality this makes quran as the first book which pointed out that the earth is round Not only this but another quince verse states also that the earth rotates around itself around the sun ( he created the heavens sand the earth in true (proportions) he makes the night overlap the day and the day overlap the night , he has subjected the sun and the moon ( to his law ) each one follows a confess for a time appointed is not he the excalted in power – “he who forgives again and again” [39:5] this verse shows that day and night overlap each other systematically this cannot take place unless the earth is globular when half of the earth is in day time the other half would by in night time , the earth was not globular the space of day and night would have not be equal . today after science has advanced man discovered from the space that when half of the earth is lighted the other half would merman dark . If we want another evidence which confirm the earth notices and it radiate around the sun we can examine the quranic verse which says “thor seest the mountains and thickest them firmly fixed but they shall pass away as the clouds pass away (such is ) the artistry of Allah . who disposes of all things in perfect order : for he is well acquainted which all that ya do”[27_88] this verse that our sight may not sometimes see the actual course of thing if we look at a mountain we may think that it is firmly fixed but actually it is moving and it movement is part of the earth movement with that of the Claud so that is make the meaning clear for the sensuous looker , mountains also move , but their movement is part of the movement of earth as they as situated on earth the earth votaries m therefore naturally it rotates with its contents snide we don’t feel the process of earth rotator we cannot feel the movement of the content which is fix on earth therefore the verse present the clouds which are in the atmosphere to clarify the whole process in relation to the mountains and earth . However , this quranic verse calls upon us to open our eyes and examine quran carefully and see the miraculous nature of quran . if we do so it would be more clear that it is a holy book revealed by more clear that it is a holly book revealed by Allah to his prophet Mohammed PBUH We will also release that there is no contradictions between quran and cosmic realities and facts which are being discovered now , quran has already revealed these comic venalities and facts since a long time , however the human interred is releasing it too late after almost fourteen centuries



The seas


Describing the mighty of Allah, Quran says, “He has let free the two bodies of flowing water, meeting together: Between them is a Barrier which they do not transgress. Then which of the favors of your Lord will be denying? Out of them come pearls and coral” [55-19-22]. Coral is a kind of ornament that is not available except in salty seas. The above Quranic verse speaks about two salty seas but they are source of two different things. Only in 1942 Man cane to know that seas differ from each other and they are not homogeneous in their nature. In 1873 Man discovered that there some specific places in seas have water, which differ in its nature & characteristics. This has been discovered b ship challenger that went round many seas for about three years. The discovers made in that trio were considered to be the debarkation line between the traditional knowledge about seas which is full of superstitions & legends and the modern rational researches which are based investigations and experiments. That ship was the first scientific agent that found that the salty seas differ in their water quality and formation. It established stations on seas. When they compared the result of these stations they found that salty seas differ in temperature, density, sea-life and in their liability for oxygen dissolution. Only in 1942 the results of a long-time experiments appeared. It came as a result of establishing hundreds of stations on seas. For example they found that the Atlantic Ocean does not get formed from a single sea but from many different seas. The seas which contribute to the formation of the Atlantic Ocean have their own individual characteristics with regard to their density, saltiness, density and sea life as well as the dissolute oxygen. Two seas meet at a single Ocean such as the Red Sea and the Mediterian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. In 1942 it was found that there are many seas which differ in their characteristics and nature. The scientists of seas say that the best description for seas is that they are not stable, the most important characteristic of seas is that they are dynamic. Tide, water currents, waves and cyclones are important factors that try to mix these seas. We may ask, why these seas do not get mixed and become homogeneous and scientists investigated. This question and they found that there is a watery barrier, which divide between each two seas meet at one place whether in an ocean or strait. There are barriers that divide between the seas. The could do so not by using eyesight but by accurate measures and investigation of the characteristics of each sea. However, the Quranic verse at this beginning of this write-up explain this fact before fourteen centuries. In other words, Quran is the divine word of Allah revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) so that to guide Man and enrich his intellect.
Source: "Islam is the Treatment" By: Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elziudani




Time According to Quran and Science


A symposium on "Time according to Quran and Science" which has been conducted by the Association of Scientific Miracles in Quran and Sunnah” it its cultural activities in Cairo. Dr. Mansoor Hassab El Nabi addressed the symposium. He assumed that Quran always opens new horizons of thoughts for thinkers and scientist. He emphasized that the right types of science and knowledge leads, always, to faith and believe. He confirmed that there is no contradiction between science and Quran. Therefore scientist must initiate their theories carefully and religious scholars must interpret the Quranic verse correctly. Dr. Mansoor added that Quran dealt with so many scientific issues such as the creation of the cosmos, the issue of time and place. Quran says that Allah, The Almighty has created the Universe in six days. But we must know that days of Allah are not necessarily similar to the days we, human beings, know, because time is proportionate matter and not an absolute issue. This fact goes hand in hand with the conclusions of the modern science and the theory proportionate. Time occupies an important place and role in the life of not only the animate creations, but also the life of the in animate. All of us measure the time to know the age of things. For example the radio cative material such as the uranium and Radium as well as the coral line reef all are turned by radiation into lead. Each radio cative element has particular rate of turning into another elements. Some scientists have used some radio cative materials such as Uranium and Carbon 14 to determine the age of earth. The scientists used also the phenomenon of cosmic extension and widening to determine the age of earth. Dr. Mansoor dealt with the (age of cosmos) as an issue that emphasis the existence of Allah. The Almighty. Because if the earth is having an age then it is having a beginning and if it has a beginning then it has been created by a creator because it cannot begin itself by itself. Quran asked man to probe and know how the creation began it opines. ‘And say more on earth and see how the creation has began” This Quranic verse indicates many points. It tells us that probing the issues related to the beginning of earth would enable Man to know how the creation has began and that such a divine will enable man to realize the age of the existence of may creations on earth. The six days which has been mentioned in Quran was duration for the creation of cosmos is indicating various periods in which the cosmos has undergone the process of creation. It is not similar in its duration to the days which man knows today. This six days (six periods) have been divided into three periods: Firstly, two days (one period) for the creation of earth from the smoking sky. The skies and earth were one unit and they were separated by an explosion. Secondly, two days (one period) for the creation of seven skies. Thirdly, two days (one period) for managing the boons and maintenance for those who will need it. Dr. Mansoor assumed that there is a vast period which separates the creation of earth and the creation of Man. If the above three periods are manipulated for the purpose of calculating the age of earth, then the period between the creation of earth and the appearance of Man which has been estimated to be 4.5 billions can be multiplied in three and the age of cosmos can be estimated to be 13.5 billion years. Some other scientists estimate the age of cosmos in different ways depending on the cosmos extension, the red displacement, etc. Depending on these factors the estimate the age of cosmos to be 13 or 15 billions years.



The Lowest district in the world


The lowest district in the world has been mentioned in the Quran before fourteen century. The Quranic verse which mentioned this fact has also given a correct information about a future event which later on took place & because the reason behind the embracement of many non Muslims to Islam. The above mentioned Quranic verse deals with the battle which took place between the Romans & the Persians at the early dawn of Islam. The Romans represent people of the holy book “The Bible” whereas the Persians were idol & fire worshipers. However, in that battle the Persians defeated the Romans. The Muslims did not like it. They did not like idol & fire worshipers to defeat the followers of a holy book. Muslims felt sad. Therefore Allah condoled Muslims by informing them a future event which will take place. In that event, Quran informed, the Roman will defeat the Persians. Quran said “A.L.M. The Roman Empire has been defeated – In a Land close by; But they, (even) after (This) defeat of theirs, will soon be victorious – Within a few years. With Allah is the decision, in the past and in the Future: On that Day shall The Believers rejoice – with the help of Allah. He helps whom He will, and He is Exalted in Might, Most Merciful. (It is) the promise of Allah. Never does Allah depart From His promise: But most men understand not The Know but the outer “Things” in the life of this world: “but of the End of things they are heedless” [30:1-7] This verse told its contemporaries what would be & what it promised tool place. One of the idol worshiper came to Abu-Baker the companion of the prophet (PBUH) & with an air of unbelieving he informed Abu-Baker about this Quranic verse which he heard from the prophet (PBUH). The unbeliever expressed his doubt about it but Abu-Baker told him that it will take place & the Romans will defeat the Persians. Then after seven years the Romans defeated the Persians & what the Quran had said happened. The Muslims became very happy & rejoiced the news. It revealed the miraculous nature of Quran & large numbers of non-believers embraced Islam. They came to conclusion that whatever the prophet Mohammed is saying is actually a divine revelation which comes from the creator & sustainer of this universe. The above Quranic verse revealed that Quran revealed many things which was unknown to human intellect, Quran & its content is a challenge to human intellect therefore Quran is a divine revelation. The scholar Elzindani said that he met a scholar of Geology in America. His name was Palma. He is one of the distinguished scholars in the field of Geology in America. There was a model of Earth with him. The high & low areas were clearly indicated on it. However, the American scholar was not aware of the place, which is in reality the lower district on the Earth. The scholar Elzidani told him that there is a Quranic verse, which informs us that a district near Jerusalem is the lowest district Earth. He told the American scholar that in the above mentioned the word “close by” has been interpreted by former interpreters as of having two meanings, the first meaning is “more near” and the second meaning is “lower”. They gave importance to the first meaning because it expressed for them the sense of Geographical nearness to the Land of Arabs. However the Land which is described as “more near” “Lower” is the lower areas of the Dead Sea. However, the American scholar mentioned some other districts in the world, which are known to be low areas such as the low areas in Holland. But Shaikh Zindani confirmed to him that the lowest area on Earth is located in somewhere between Jerusalem & the surrounding areas. He asked the American to rotate the Earth embodied to confirm this fact. However, the American scholar rotated the Embodiment of Earth. He found many low areas on it, but when he came to the area mentioned by Zindani to be the lowest area in the Earth he found an arrow which point at it and indicate that it is the lowest place on Earth. The American scholar said that it is a true fact, Shaikh Zindani informed him that it is the Quran, which clarified this fact before fourteen century. It sib the Quran which came from Allah Who knows the reality of each & every thing. Source “The Age of Faith dawned” By Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elzindani



The points of East &The point of West


Sun rising and sun setting are familiar daily phenomenon which are mentioned in Quran. Quran says, “(He is) Lord of East and the West: there is no God but He: take him therefore for (they) Disposed of affairs” [37:9]. Again in another sign Quran says, “Now I do call to witness. The Lord of all points in the East and the West. That we can certainly substitute for them better(men) than they; and we are not to be defeated (in our plan)” [70:40-41]. Again in another Quranic verse it says (He is) Lord of the two Easts and Lord of the two West” [55:17] in the first verse, east and west ate dealt with in the term of singular. In the third verse they are dealt with in the term if dealt whereas in the second verse they are dealt with in the term of plural. Then why do they differ in the term of phrasing? Where are these many easts and wests? However, it is easy it is under stand the singular term. Wherever we go there one east and one west. Regarding the dual east and dual west they refer to the two points of setting and rising of the sun during the seasons of summer and winter. As we know the earth completes its rotation around the sun in 365 ¼ days. We also know that the inclination of the center if the earth rotation from the vertical axis create the seasonal differences and consequently the shifting of the points and time of sun rising and sun setting in earth throughout the year. It is well known that the point and timing of sun rising and sun setting experience a light change every day. In other words, the sun rises and sets at a different point and time of rising and setting everyday and throughout the year. this means that there are points of rising and points of setting equal to the number of the days of a year. but the difference in the positions of rising and setting is more clear in terms of seasons; in summer and winter. Therefore, the dual meaning in the above verse targets the two position of sun rising and setting in summer and winter, “(He is) lord of the two easts lord of the two wests” whereas the several points of sun setting and rising which are displayed throughout the year are expressed in the verse, “Now I do call to witness. That we can certainly substitute for them Better (men) than they. And we are not to be defeated (in our plan). Another meaning for this last verse may be possible. By several settings and rising of the sun, the verse may mean the different times of sun settings and risings which the whole earth experience at each second. It may also mean that many plants are expressing the same process of sun setting and sun rising. Now, we try to understand the reason behind mentioning this phenomenon in different phrasings. If we examine these verses the verses which precedes them we will find the verses which deal with it in its single term says, “But keep in remembrance the name of thy Lord and devote thyself west. There is no god but he take him therefore for(thy) dispose of affairs” here the term East and West are mentioned in the context of asking the prophet (PBUH) to remember the name of Allah and to devote himself to Him. It is an affirmation of monotheism. To worship Allah alone and be faithful to him. Allah has neither a partner nor son. Therefore, since the contents of these verse are a call for monotheism the singular dealing with the terms of East and West is the most suitable in this context. As far the verse which deals with East and West clay like unto pottery. And he created Jinns from fire free from smoke: then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny? (he is ) lord of the two easts and lord of the two wests: then which of the favours of your lord will ye deny? he is lord of the two easts and lord of the two wests: then which of the favours of your lord will be deny? he has let free the two bodies of flowing water, meeting together: between them is a barrier which they do not transgress, then which of the favours of your lord will ye deny? out them come pearls and corals, then which of the favours of your lord will ye deny” the contents of these verses deal with elements which are dual “men and Jinns” “two bodies of the flowing water” “pearls and corals” therefore it is natural to mention two easts and two wests” Allah created all these things and they are his boons bestirred upon man and man must admit an thank Allah for them. Regarding the Quranic sign which dealt with East and West in plural form, here we can examine the significance of this in the verse itself. Quran says “Now what is the matter with the unbelievers that they rush madly before thee. From the right and from the left. In crowds? Does every man of them long to enter the garden of bliss? By no means! For we have created them out as the “base matter” they know now I do call to witness, the lord of all points in the East and the West, that we can certainly. Substitute for them better (men) than they. And we are not to be defeated (in our plan) the verse speaks about wishes of the unbelievers to get what they do not deserve. Therefore since the subject of the verse is unbelievers, the verse mentioned the points of Easts and points of wests in the plural terms. The verse also call upon us to meditate about and examine its meanings which confirm that Allah is capable to do everything. All the three ways of expressing the singular, the dual and the plural are indication of the eloquence of the Quranic language which convince the reader by using all means clear and mysterious, physical and abstract and activates human intellect on all levels and aspects of life and hereafter. Source: Quranic verse in the light of science’ By: Dr. Yahya Elmihjari



The Arabian Peninsula


Professor Alfred Coroz is a famous Geology scientist attended a conference of Geology in the college of Earth sciences in King Abdel Aziz University. I asked him: Do you have information which indicate that the Arabian Peninsula had once upon a time, been covered by gardens and field? He replied: Yes, it is a well-known fact that it was so and the Geologists know it very well. Because if you dig at any place, you will find the traces which show that it was once orchards and gardens. There are many evidence which indicate this fact and one of them is FAO village which has been discovered under the sand of the Empty Quarter. I again asked him: Do you have evidence that indicated that the Arabian Peninsula again would be green orchards, and gardens with streams of water? He replied by saying that this is a fact that we know and the Geologists know it very well. They know this fact through measurement and calculations. We can estimate that this fact will take place in the near future. I asked him: How? He replied by saying that. Because we studied the past history of the Earth and we found that it has gone through an era called the Glacial Epoch. It means that the water of the sea turns ice and gets accumulated at the North Pole and then creeps towards the south. It immerses its surrounding and consequently changes the climate of the Earth. The Arabian Peninsula will get affected and turns into one of most rich lands with rains and rivers. The climate also will be called. I was linking between the floods and rains that take place at Abha area that which happen on North Europe. I was meditating and asked him: can you confirm this for us? He said: Yes, this is an inescapable fact. I told him, then who told the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) about this fact. All what you said is already mentioned in the saying of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The prophet said, “the hour will not take place unless the land of Arabs again turns into orchards and rivers”. [Refer to Sahih Muslim] Who said to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) that the land of Arab was orchards and rivers so that he used the term “again turns”. The geologist thought for sometimes and said: The Romans. Then I asked him “Who told the Prophet that it will again turns into orchards and rivers. The geologist though and though and then said: “from the above!” Then I told him: write down. He wrote by his own handwriting: The scientific facts mentioned in Quran and Sunna amazed me. We could not know than before. Only the modern scientific method confirmed them now. This indicates that the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) received these facts from Allah though the divine revelation. Elzindani said: “O honored brothers: This is the stand of and unbeliever German. I felt that the Muslim Nation is in front if a great responsibility of spreading Islam. I can say that if the eminent world leaders find the evidence they immediately embrace Islam. They do not only do so but they also write &publish what they have found. If the Muslim Nation works earnestly one third of the scientist on Earth will embrace Islam only within ten or fifteen years. I swear by Allah that I met this German scientist for only two hours and then he wrote admitting that Islam is a divine revelation. This is one of the giants of science who wrote admitting this fact. This shows that there is only one science, one fact and one God. We, the Muslim are possessing the truth within our hands and if we except efforts to explain truth for non-Muslims they will embrace Islam. Now, we know that science is discovering many facts that have already been revealed by Quran and Sunna. This will continue till non-Muslims realize that Quran is a divine revelation, the truth from Allah revealed to the prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Allah promised to proof for non-Muslim that Quran is the truth. Allah says, “Soon will We shows them our signs in the (furthest) Regions (of the earth), and in their own souls, until to becomes manifest to them that doth witness All things?” [41:53]. This is the age of science and very soon science itself will show that Quran is the Truth, and Islam is the most proper method of life. Source: “Science id the path of faith” By: Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elzindani.



The Chlorophyll


It is the only factory on Earth in which food is manufactured. It is a green bodies which coverts solar energy, carbon dioxide and water into food for Man and Animal. It is called chlorophyll “A”. However, “B” from of chlorophyll performs the complicated chemical reactions by the help of energy, which it extracts from the light of the sun and finally produces sugar and starch. This chlorophyll takes water molecules, oxygen and it makes out with them and what remain are four molecules of hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is bisected so that part of it forms with two hydrogen molecules, water and this mixed up by transpiration and the rest get fuses with one of the molecules of the hydrogen and forms the basis of sugar and then the starch gets formed. The above formula which begins by carbon dioxide, energy, oxygen and ends into oxygen, water, glucose and glucose sugar and the later turns into starch and gets stored gets also converted into oils and if a molecules of Nitrogen is added to it, it is turned into protein. The whole process of this formula is carried out by that green factory which produces seeds and fruits. This green factory is present in each green leaf, and then who grew the plant? Who created its organs? He is Allah, the elevated, Quran says “It is He who send down Rain from the skies, with it we produce Vegetation of all kinds, from some We produce green (crops) out of which We produce grain. Heaped up (at harvest). Interpreters considered (green) as something green. Ibn El-Joozy said about (We produce green (crops) out of which We produce green Heaped up) that plant which is green. Other interpreters like Zamakhshari, Baydawi, Nasafi, Abu Elsood, Elshaikhan, El Aaloosi, El Qurtubi and Abu Hayan, all have agreed about the importance of the green parts of the plant and its role in producing fruits and seed. Many other verses of Quran give the same meaning and emphasize the great role of the chlorophyll in the production of food out of plants. Today natural science is claiming to have discovered this fact which has been revealed to the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) before almost one and half century. Source: “The Cure is Islam” Abdel Majeed El-Zinadi




Shaking hands with a woman


What happens when a man shakes hands with a woman? The science of Anatomy says that there are more than five million cells which cover the surface of human body. Their function is to transfer senses & feeling to the brain. When a man shakes hands with a woman their feelings get activated. Even the sense of smelling has a role in activating the feeling if sexual desire. The sense of hearing also are connected with the centers of human desires. If a woman hears words which reflect desire from man then what she has heard may move her desires. In this regard Quran says “Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their Modesty: that will make for greater Purity for them: And Allah is well acquainted with all that they do. And says to the believing woman that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty, that they should not display their beauty and ornaments…” [24:30-31] The above verses show that both men and women were addressed in equal terms to guard their various senses so that to reduce the probabilities of evils in the society. In other words, modern Anatomy is now discovering the roles of sense in instigating human desires whereas Quran is protecting the believers from such evils since fourteen centuries. Source: The Age of Faith Dawned By: Shaikh Abdel Majeed ElZinadi




 Ablution prevents skin diseases


The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said, “whoever performed ablution “properly” his wrong doings will come out of his body till they come out from under his limb-nails” [Refer to Muslim] He also said “Verily, on the Judgment day, My nation (Muslims) will come fair and surrounded by lights as a result of ablution, whoever, became able to prolong the retaining of ablution should do” [Refer to Sahihs] After a microscopic investigation to a microbe plant for those who regularly performing ablution and those who are not regularly performing it, the modern science confirmed that the noses of those who perform ablution regularly remained clean, pure and empty from any microbes. Therefore, the microbe plants established for them, appeared clean and empty from any microbe. Whereas, the microbic plants of those who do not perform ablution exposed a huge amount of different types of harmful microbes such as cluster microbes, rosary microbes which spread quickly and organic microbes which cause many kinds of diseases. Some cases of self poisoning results from the harmful microbes which stays in the nose cavity. These microbes enter into the digestive system and the blood circulation and create inflammations and diseases. Therefore, Islam, asked Muslims to inhate water into the nose three times during each ablution. As far as the rinsing-out the mouth is concerned it is proofed that it protects mouth and throats from inflammations, gingivitis and teeth decay and erosion by removing the remaining of food. It is medically confirmed that 90% of those who lose their teeth, they face this because they don’t clean their mouth & teeth. The pus material and the rottenness get mixed with the slaver and food. The stomach and the digestive system suck them. Then they get distributed to different parts of the body by the help of blood, consequently it causes many types of disease. It is proved that the rinsing-out of mouth strengthens some muscles of the face and makes the face circled. Rather, the sport teachers mention this fact because they concentrate on the big muscles of the body. Washing of hands and legs also is very useful. It removes dust, germs and cleans the body from oily materials which come out through the skin glands. It also eliminates sweating. It is medically proved that microbes cannot attack human skin unless he neglects its cleaning. If man does not clean his body regularly then various harmful secretions remains on the surface of the skin and create severe scratching in addition it also becomes a fertile plant of microbes. Unclean fingers nails scratch and injure the skin and open entries to the microbes. Therefore, ablution helps cleaning the body regularly. Bacteriology scientists who examined Bacteria and funguses which can be transferred to the mouth and nose. Therefore, hands should be cleaned properly before cleaning other parts of the body. This has already been explained by the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) who said, “When a person wakes up from sleeping, he should not dip his hand into the vessel (food – water) before washing it thrice” It is also found that blood circulation at limbs is weaker because they are far from the center of blood pumping (the heart). Therefore, its washing will be a kind of a massage which helps to activate the blood circulation at these remote areas of the body consequently makes the person more vigorous. All these show the value of ablution that a Muslim performs. Source: Scientific Miracles in Islam and Sunna Nabaweya” By: Mohammed Kamil Abdel Samad. Dr. Ahmed Shawqi Ibraheem the member of the Royal Medical Association in London and the consultant of International and heart diseases says that scientists came to know that the fall of the light in the water during ablution and also on the dots of water on the body gives birth to negative Ions and reduces the positive Ions and consequently it relaxes the nervous and muscles pain as well as tension and anxiety. This fact is confirmed also by an American scientist who says: “water has a magic effect Even the dazzle of water on face and hands – he means ablution – is the best means of achieving relaxation and eliminating tension. Source: Reformation Magazine No. 296, year 1994 From the symposium of the Association of the scientific Miracles in Quran , Cairo




The Wonderful Mine


Allah, the Exalted in might says “Glory to God, Who created In pairs all things that the earth produces, as well as their own (human) kind and (other) things of which they have no knowledge” [36:36]. The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) says “Verily, Allah created Adam from a handful which He caught from all parts of the earth, therefore, the children of Adam came in correspondence to the whole earth, among them is the red, the white, the black & others in between, and the mild, the sad, the bad and good” [Refer to Sahih] however, now the analyses of human body revealed that it is formed from the same components of earth such as water, sugaries, proteins, oil, vitamins, hormones chlorine, silver, phosphorus, lime, potassium, sodium, iron, copper, iodine & other minerals. All these minerals together form various parts of human body. They are formed in human body according to fixed, estable and accurate proportions. Only Allah the creator knows the secret of how they come together and perform such a task. It was found that if the minerals which enter into the formation of human body are extracted & reformed, it will give us the following items: a box of chalk, a match box, a small nail, a handful of salt and some other valueless materials. However, the monitory value of all these items does not exceed ten Reyals. Can it believed that the monitory value of large part of human bodies does not exceed Rayals? Then, it means that man’s clothes or his watch is more valuable then him!! Isn’t it? Then, what is the real value of Man? The value of many universals which enter into the process of human creation is equal to nothing, then, the real value of Man is after the process of the formation of human body. Some societies made man like a machine. To compare Man with machine is to devalue him. A thing must be compared with another thing similar to it. Otherwise a sheep or a camel would be valuable then a human being. But Islam gave Man an exalted status & elevated him above our materialistic parameters. The evidence for this is that Quran says “We have honored the sons of Adam; provided them with transport on land and sea; given them for sustenance things good and pure, and conferred on them special favors, above a great part of Our Creation” [17:70] Another Aaya from Quran says “It is we who created you and gave you shape, then we bade the angels Bow down to Adam, and they Bowed down, not so Iblees, He refused to be of those who bow down. (God) said: what prevented you thee from bowing down when I commanded thee? He said: “I am better then he: thou aids create me from fire and him from clay”. Therefore, we have to respect man because Allah made angels to bow down to him. Allah honored man therefore we should not humiliate human beings. Source: “Don’t you see into yourselves? By: Anas Bin Abdel- Hameed Elgoze.




The Iron


In the conference of scientific Miracles of the holy outran a famous scientist of NASA the American space Agency stated that they have made many expercinents on many kind of minerals found now on Earth but the only mineral which puss led the scientists is the iron. Iron has asistinguis led characterizes abilities. The elections and neutrons of the iron need ahugr every to get united fused. However this energy is four times of the energy available now in our galaxy. Therefore this is an evident that iron has not been formed on earth. It is a strange clement which might hew come to the Earth. Allah says. “And We Sent down Iron In which is material for Mighty war as well as Many benefits for mankind That Allah may test who it is that will help Unseen Him and His apostles: For Allah is full of strength exalted in Might able to enforce His Will (57:25) Swore: Material Evidence of the Existence of Allah By Shaikh Mohammed Mutwali El- Shaarawi iro-23



Matter and the mate of matter


We all know that Allah has created the human and made him into male and female. Allah says in the holy Quran: (mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in a sight of God is (he who is) the most righteous of you, and God has full knowledge and is well aquainted (with all things). So that the human could have a companion and the acquaintance and strong good ties would spread among his creatures. This system of creation was not among human only, but was extended also to include the kingdom of animals: Allah says (That he did create in pairs – male and female, from a seed when lodged (in its place)). And Allah says: (WE said “Embark therein, of each kind two, male and female”) and so was the case with the kingdom of plant. Allah says: (and fruit of every kind, he made in pairs, two and two). This shows that humans and most kinds of animals and plants were created in male and female. This is what the Quran tells us and Biology teacher. In addition to this, we find in the following verse more generalizations where Allah Says; (And of everything we have created pairs, that ye may receive instruction). The word “thing we together with the people who preceded us have understood it to be inclusive to contain humans, plants and animals. Since the Quran has included them all in this verse and told us that all creatures were made up of males and females. This could be so, but we realize that the verse includes more these groups; it extends to include the non – living creatures. Does this mean that the non – living creatures are classified into males and females? To answer this question, lets wonder a little in the physics of tiny bodies. In the first half of the twentieth century, An English physicians, called Dirak, was doing his research on electronic equations (We know that electrons are tiny bodies which has negative charge that go around the nucleus. Dirak discovered that equations had two solutions, not only one. Any one who deals with the equations of the second degree easily understands this; because the equation of the second degree include an unknown square quantity; and that the square quantity is always positive. This means that the multiplication of x2 always gives the same result. This means that the square root also gives the same root. For example, the square root of 4 is either +2 or –2; the square of any will result in 4(the same result). Dirak’s equation were more complicated but it’s the same idea. He got two groups of equations: one for the negative charge electrons and the second for an unknown positive charge bodies. He made some unsuccessful attempts to explain the mystery of this unknown body since he had strong believe in its presence, However, the physicians ignored his idea of the presence of a positive charge body which is equivalent to the electrons, as does the engineer who ignores the solutions of a second degree equations that give solutions of negative lengths and sizes. Some years after Dirak’s theoretical works, in the beginnings of the thirtieth, the effects of this unknown body while studying the effect of the magnetic field on the unknown body in an apparatus called the cloud chambre. It was discovered that the size of that body is equal to the size of the electron and that it has a positive charge which is equal to the charge of the electron. Thus, this body was called the (positron)) i.e. (the anti electron). Hence, they started looking for mates of other bodies, since the presence of an electron mate means the presence of mates for other bodies. Actually, the discovery of such mates began one by one and they were classified into groups. We are not interested in their details but on the final result which is the presence of a mate for every body. The discovery of the presence of a mate for the matter indicates to us the possibility of the presence of another world which is equivalent to our materialistic world, and that is made up of mates of bodies i.e. mater of matter. Where is this world that is made up of mates of matter? This is the question that no one has an answer for. The Earth is bassically made of matter (cosmic) and not of a mater of matter. As for the mate of the matter which is produced in the rays or particle accelerator does not live long in the atom sphere of the earth. Once its speed decreases it dies when it faces its equivalent matter that fills the atomsphere of the earth. It is known that once the body meets ints mate, or the matter meets its mate, then they will destroy each other in an explosive way which turns both of them into a power, most of which is in Jamma rays form. One of the mysteries that puzzled physicians is the quantity of mates that is included in the building of the universe. Is the earth a mini example of the universe? Does the matter exceeds its mate in the whole universe as is the case with the earth? We could possibly state that the percentage of mates of matter is very small in its sphere; otherwise most of it will spread among other stars and our explorers would register bigger quantities of Jamma rays. But who can confirm that the situation is not different than that which is found in other remote spheres of the Universe. There might also be special spheres of mate matter; if that is so, then what prevents that sphere and its mate from coming together and then vanish by exploding? Is it the vast empty spaces made by Allah to separate the spheres and their mates? Does this theory give us an explanations of what Allah says; (it is God who sustains the heavens and the earth, that they cease (to function), and if they should fail, there is non-not one – can sustain them thereafter. Verily He is Most Forbearing. Oft-Forgiving). The explosion vanishing of these spheres and their mates result in a large energetic power which makes the sky red like ointment. Allah says: (When the sky is rent a sunder, and it becomes red like ointment). And we don’t know how the sky becomes a sunder, and which part is rent asunder. However, if this happens and the sphere and its mate vanishes, then this means that the interior part of it will vanish and the whole universe will be distributed into two parts and the stars will vanish and become unclear. Allah says; (Then when the starts become dim, when the heaven is cleft asunder) and if the stars vanish this way and it changes into energetic power, then the power which pulls these stars together will vanish and the stars scatter. Allah says: (when the sky is cleft asunder, when the stars are scattered), and this results in disorders in earth. Allah saysLWhen the oceans are suffered to burst forth) and says (When the mountains vanish (like a mirage). And (When the graves are turned upside down). These are the signs of the hour when everything dies and vanished and its only Allah who lasts forever.. The physics of bodies and its mates may give us an explanation for it since the destruction and vanishing of matter and its mate has become a scientific truth, which happens daily in particle accelerator which turns energy into matter. If we turn back again to the verse (and of everything we have created pairs), we can positively answer the question on the presence of matter and non-human beings in pairs – males and females of matter and its mate. This verifies the general explanation of the verse: (And everything we have created pairs that ye may received instruction). It should be mentioned that the Muslims physicians – Mohammed Abdel Salam – Pakistani – who received the Nobel prize on Physics in 1979, had done important researches on the physics of bodies and their mates. He was the scientist who introduced the theory that combines two of the main four powers which influence the universe. The two powers are the electromagnetic power and the weak nuclear power. This scientist, after being rewarded the Nobel Prize, stated that the Quranic verse (And of everything we have created pairs) had influenced his instincts and pushed him forth during his research works. Extracted from (Ayat Quraniya in Mishkat Al –elem) by Dr. Yahyah Al-Mihjari




Sunshine and Moon light


Allah has differentiated between the sunshine and moonlight. Quern says “He who made the sun a shine and the moon a light. However if we search for the meaning of these two different terms in any modern dictionary we would find that most dictionaries do not different Taito between them. They consider them as synonyms. But Allah the creator of all things has different tailed between them. Then is there is any scientific reason behind such a differ nitration Lets read some Quranic verses which deal with the rays of the sun the moon Quranic says He made the moon a source of height made the sun a lamp We have Beirut above you seven huge skies and we have made a glowing lamp It is clear that Allah has made the sun resembles the lamp and again in anther Quranic Verse He made it to resemble the glowing lamp –Lamp is the source of ray which is generated from oil or electricity But the ray of the room has been repeatedly called light. However it we review our knowledge of physics which we got at the school level, we will find that there are two sources of light the deirecl sources as such sun stars, lamp candle etc.the indirect sources such as moon and planets the indirect sources do not generate light but reflect it whereas the sun the lamp the candle share the characters tics of producing light therefore Allah compared the sun with the lamp or the glowing lamp and he did not compare the moon with lamp he called what the sun produces as light the sun is a glowing lamp whereas the moon reflects the production of that lamp however because we do not probe into the meaning of the holy Qurain we have not been able to differentiate between the meaning of the two terms therefore even most of the current dictionaries failed to readies it these two terms are considered as synonyms in English languor age French Germany etc but in Arabic they have different meanings. Therefore Arabic is richer in its meaning then many other language. This is basically due to the rich lam gauge of Wan its scientific miracles as well.
Source: Ouramic Verses in the light of science By: Dr. Yahya EL mihjari





The Piercing Star


Allah, the Exalted in Greatness, says “Said one who had knowledge of the book : ‘I will Bring it to thee within The twinkling of an eye” [27:40] The story of the Prophet Solaiman PBUH and Balqees the Queen of Sabaa and the matter of transferring the throne appears to be a kind of magic. Because how can a creature get the throne of the Queen of Sabaa from a distance of thousands of kilometers just within a fraction of seconds. But modern science assumes that it is possible if we take into consideration our scientific achievement in the 20th century. As far as the question of how it happened at the time of the Prophet Solaiman ? this is our concerned issue. We know that energy and material are two faces of a single coin. Material can be turned into energy and vice versa also is possible on the basis of well known formula. Man successfully, turned material into energy in the nuclear stations and consequently he achieved electricity although his effort in this regard are still in the age of development and promotion. Conversely also, man also succeeded to some extend, to convert energy into material (in the particle accelerator) although the efforts in this regard are still at the level of particles. Therefore, converting energy into material and vice versa is scientifically and practically possible. Material and energy are natural allies. The only obstacle which hinders the current efforts in this process of exchangeable conversion on a wide scale is the difficulties which face its process and control under the current scientific and practical resources. No doubt that the efforts of discovering of easy, practical and scientific ways of converting material into energy and vice versa will require a great scientific and technical advancement. The standard of our knowledge in this regard is still humble. It is just like the level of a child who is learning writing and reading. If man succeeds in future to create easy and available means of conversion of materials into energy and vice versa, a great revolution and drastic change in the norms of daily life. Because in short time and again change it into a material. This will enable man to send and receive whatever he likes in a fraction of a second even if the destination was another planet. The main difficulty which the physicians face to achieve this ambition is the difficulty to re-heating the molecules to achieve its original position. In which it was engaging before converting the material function. Another problem faced by the current electromagnetic waves which currently does not exceed 60% therefore most of it will be wasted in air. All these are a cursory explanation of the problems faced by modern science in the field of converting material into energy and vice versa. To explain the miracle of transferring the throne of Balqees across thousands of kilometers in a fraction of second we can say that the agent who undertook this task, whether a human being or a Jinn, has converted the Throne of Sabbaa into a kind of energy. If not necessary heat energy or electrical energy like that which we are achieving now from nuclear stations. But this kind of energy similar to electrical or light energy which can be sent through electromagnetic waves. The second possible step taken by him was that he might have sent this energy from Sabaa to the King of Solaiman PBUH. Since the speed of the spread of the electromagnetic waves is as the same as the speed of light spreading, e.g. 300000 kilometer per second. It means that the time required to send it the Prophet Solaiman is about a fraction of second. The third possibility, may be that the agent has turned the energy, after its reaching to Solaiman, into material again. He has restored its original shape and content to such extend that each and every atom has returned to its original position. However the man of the man of the 20th century who considers himself as the achiever of everything is still incapable of doing what that agent of Solaiman has done before more than two thousand years. What the 20th century man has succeeded only to convert a part of the heavy element material such as uranium to energy by activating the process of fission in the atoms of these elements. As far as the other nuclear reactions which are achieved by fusing the atoms of the light elements such as the hydrogen and helium which results into creating energy out of sun and stars light man is still incapable of controlling it. Even if man succeeds in controlling atomic energy resultant from the nuclear or atomic fusion, still resultant energy will remain in its primitive and tentative shape and cannot be sent to far distances and destination without wasting a large part of it. Now, the conversion of material into micronic waves is accomplished in a primitive method which requires the changing of materials into heat energy and then into mechanical energy and then electrical energy and finally into micronic waves. Therefore we find that the major part of the material, which we used at the beggning for all these tasks has been wasted in the process of successive conversions and only a small part remains to be sent in the form of micronic waves. Consequently the capability of converting the material into heat energy and then into mechanical energy then into electrical energy and finally into micronic waves would not exceed 20 % not to mention the current technological in adequally in changing the uranium into energy. Only a small part of the uranium amount used for this task is converted into energy and the major part remains in the form of nuclear fuel which radiate its energy for millions of years and change itself into the form of other elements and finally into lead. This is not the end of the task, on the other end, all these waves must be assembled and turn them into energy and then again into material. Each molecule and each atom must restore its original position, however the capacity to assemble these waves and rays and converting them into electrical energy in its same shape at the time of sending does not exceed 50% . this means that what has remained out of the original material, till the last stage after converting it from material into energy till the stage of sending it in the form of electromagnetic waves and micronic waves and then receiving and converting it into energy is only 10%. Nevertheless the last stage of converting that energy into materials is still remaining. It is the process of converting that energy of achieving the material in its original shape. But the 20th century man is still incapable of achieving this last stage and we cannot know the extend of capacity in completing this last step that can be achieved by man in future. But even if we suppose that man has, in the best conditions, succeeded in converting 50% of the remaining energy into material, what we will achieve is less that 5% of the original material which initiated the original process at the beginning. This means that if we start our efforts in this regard by converting the Throne of Balqees, by the way or another into energy and send the resultant energy in the form of micronic waves and again receive these waves and then convert it into energy again, we will find with us only 5% of Balqees Throne. The rest of the throne has been wasted in the process of those conversions as a result of the inadequaly of the process and capacity of converting the energy in its material. The remaining 5% of the original throne will not be sufficient to rebuild even a small part of the throne of Balqees such as the hand or the leg of its chair. Quran has not defined the agent of Solaiman who “had the knowledge of the book” whether he was a human or a Jinn. Many interpreters mentioned that the agent who has performed that task was a human and his name was Asif Bin Barkheya, but we support the idea which identifies him to be a Jinni because the possibility of the existence of a person who has such a high standard of knowledge is weak. That Jinni has succeeded in converting the throne of Balqees into energy and sending it across thousands of kilometers and then converting it back again into its original shape, “a throne” in the course of time less than a fraction of second. If we take into consideration the first offer given to the Prophet Solaiman PBUH by an XXXX in which the XXX said “I will bring it to thee before thou rise from thy counsil”[27:39] and realize that the knowledge of the two Jinnis is not equal and the second one has more knowledge but still we will find that the knowledge achieved by the man of the 20th or 21st century is still very poor and backward, compared to that of the two Jinnis who were soldiers in the Army of the Prophet Solaiman before more than two thousand years. Source : Quranic Signs in the light of Science By : Dr.Yahya El Mihjari



Shaking of Soil


In the first scientific conference about the scientific miracles in Quran and Sunna that was held in Islamabad in Pakistan, a scholar of plant said that there is a Quran verse which tells us about a scientific fact discovered in 1827. In 1827 a British scientist by name of Brown has discovered that when the rain reaches the soil it creates shaking & trembling of molecules of soil. The soil contains various molecules that have different types of tins that packed on each other. When rains fall, these different types of this create different types of electrical currents due to the fact that tin may be of different types of minerals. These tins get ionized (the ion is a molecule among a group of molecules which have an electrical current. If the electrical current decreases in some of them they turn into a positive ion & if it increases in some of them they turn into a negative ion) When it rains, these ionic molecules get shaked and as water invades them from different directions (shaking and trembling of these packed ionic molecules is useful because it distances the packed tins & creates gaps where water can enter in-between the tins) they absorb water and their sizes increase. When they become satiated by water they turn to be mineral stores of water inside the soil. Plants get the supply of water for two or three months from these stores. Otherwise if these stores were not formed water will infiltrate to the depth of the soil and plant would die within a week. Therefore, the British scientist found that when rains fall on soil the different packed mineral molecules in the soil get shaked and by their different electrical current they get ionized. What Brown, the British scientist has found has been called by his name. Ironically it has been called “Brown’s Shaking”, whereas it has been mentioned in Quran before fourteen centuries. It has been called by that name because Man is not just and he does not read and inquire. If man wants to be just he should read what Quran said before fourteen century that “And (further) thou seest, the earth barren and lifeless. But when we pouer down Rain on it, it is stirred (to life), it swells, and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs)” [22:5] Therefore Quran preceded the modern science in revealing the shaking of soil caused by rain, this is a great evident that Dawn is a divine revelation. It was revealed to the prophet Mohammed “PBUH” to give the most pusper guidance to human life as well as him to offer many secrets of the cosmos which he has to struggle to discover of he does not read and examine the content of Quran. Source “Knowledge is the path for Faith” By: Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elzindani.






The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said “It is prohibited upon my nation to eat whatever has claws & what has canine tooth, from predatory animals” [Refer to Abu Daud] The Modern Nourishment science confirmed that people acquire some of the characteristics of animals which they eat because the meat of those animals contain some kind of secreted horn ones & components which affect the moral ethical & behavioral quality of those who eat it. It was discovered that when a predatory bird or animal is on a hunting task, some glands in its body secret some kinds of harmonies which help it to confront, light & kill the victim. Dr. S Libij, the teacher of nourishment in England, says: These secreted materials and harmonies are found in the body of the predatory even it was a captive in a large. This is manifest when you visit the zoo and see the tiger while it is eating a piece of meat. You can see the anger, cruelty & agitated nervous exposed through its face & general behavior. Compare such an animal with the elephant & see the mildness which is manifest on its face while it is eating & playing with children visitors. Look at the lion; its cruelty & roughness & compare it with the camel & its mildness. It was observed that nations who eat predators whether birds or animals which has been prohibited by Islam, those nations have cruel & violent tendencies even if there was no reason behind being cruel. They have such tendencies just for the sake of blood shedding. Researches confirmed that this fact is manifest among backward tribes who due to the excessive eating of predators meat become extremely cruel & turn into cannibals. Researches confirmed that those tribes are also affected by sexual anarchy. They don’t have respect to the institution of family and honor. They are living way of way that is almost similar to that of predators and beats. The male attacks another male & kill him so that to pull-away & consume the available females till another male who is more stronger comes & kills the previous triumphant & possess as well as sexually consume the already consumed females & so on. This may be behind the absence of the value of honor and may appearance of sexual aberration among the Europeans. Abnormal sexual behaviors exist now among the Europeans. They exchange wives, betray wives & vice versa. It is well known that even if the pig is reared in clean & well-cared fences, it does not forget its dirty nature. If it is realized, it will, again, return to the habit of eating dirts & enjoy it more that the joy which it used to experience when eating potato & beas in sterile and clean fences. This is the reason which makes the bodies of pigs contain various warms, parasites & microbes and excessive bolic acid. All these get transferred to the body of the consumer of the pork. The meat of the pig contains also a higher percentage of fat compared to that of other animals. Therefore its digestion is difficult. It is well known that the quality of meat eaten by man depends on its fat. The fatter the meat contains the move difficult for digestion it is. The American encyclopedia shows that each one hundred pounds of pig meat contain about fifty pounds fat. This means that fat is 50% of the quantity of park, whereas it is only 17% in sheep meat & in cow meat it is not more than 5%. It was found that the fat of pork contains a high percentage of complicated fatty acids. The percentage of cholesterol in the meat of pig, sheep and cow is 9:7:6 respectively. Simply this means that the percentage of cholesterol in pork is ten times more than that of cow meat. This means that the meat of pig is dangerous to human health because it increases the percentage of cholesterol in blood. When the quantity of cholesterol increases in the human blood and becomes more than the normal amount it starts sedimenting in arteries, particularly in the heart arteries, consequently it causes high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis and both are the main cause of heart attack which is wide spread in Europe. It was found that the statistics of heart attack published in Europe indicate that the percentage of heart attack and arteriosclerosis cases in Europe is five time more than those in the Islamic world, in addition to the nervous tension which the modern medicine considers it as a factor behind such diseases. It is worthy mentioning that the predatory animals are known as canine tooth animals which has been mentioned id the saying of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH). They are having four canines in the upper & lower laws. This is not only confined to the animals, but it also include some types of birds. Birds are divided into two types, grass eaters such as hens and pigeons, as well meat eaters such as eagles and falcons. However, to make a scientific distinction between these two types, it is said that the meat eater bird has a violent piercing claws whereas the home birds such as hens & pigeons are not having such piercing claws. Moreover, it is well known that the normal human nature repulses from eating the meat of meat of the predators, whether animals or birds, except in some so-called civilized materialistic societies & in some back ward tribes as we mentioned before. All these facts indicate that Islam knows what is harmful to human beings and therefore it has made this scientific classification of meat since fourteen centuries so that to protect man from what ever is harmful & honor him by not allowing him to eat beast-like animal and turns himself into an ailing beast. Source: “Scientific Miracles in Islam & Sunna Nabaweya” By: Mohammed Kamil Abdel Samad.





Home fly


Home fly may trams fir a disease but with that disease it may provide medicine also. The prophet Mohammed PBUH said It the home fly falls in your drink then dip the whole fly into the drink pull it out because on one of its wings there may be a disease but there is its medicine on the other wing (Refer Bukar, Ibn Maja Ahmed.He also said Verily on one of the wings of home fly there is poison and on the other wing there is its cure If home fly falls on food then dip the fly in it because it brings for word the poison and delays the cure Refer to Ahamed IBN Maja There is medical miracle in the a bore sayings of the prophet Mohammed PBUH which if the international medical circles are just must be recognized and recorded by golden ink. What has been revealed by the prophet of Islam before fourteen centuries the modern discovery. The prophets saying shows the significance of the venation between the poison its are the body subject to disease. The above saying shows that if the home fly fall in eatables or drink bales we have to remember that it might drop in it harmful germs. We have to remember also that the home fly is nursing the medicine for the same disease caused by the germs it dropped in the food or drunk. Therefore if we dip the whole insect inside the food drink, then we create ahggenic balance. In other words we can be safe of the disease because we have already got its medicine. The amount of the bacteria dose in the fly is equal to the amount of the bacteria therefore it is capable of eliminating it. Now it is suientically prophet that the fly secrets an enzyme called bacteria or germs killer which may hang on or attack the home fly. Hence it is a proof to the cerrectness of the saying of the prophet of Islam. Dr. Amin Ridha, the professor of bones surgeon in medical college in Alexandria Unwisely wrote a research about the He dith of Home Fly. He confirmed that the old medical references contain medical prescribe tion to different diseases which advice to use Home fly. In the modern time the surgeons of the 1930 who were in the period which preceded the discover of sulfate have witnessed the medication of chuonic bone breaks and chuonic ulcers by Home fly This bone breaks and chuonic ulcers undulates that modern science has confirmed the correctness of the prophets sayings which have been revealed to him by Allah before fourteen centuries Source scientific Miracles in Islam Sunna Nabaweya




The Piercing Star


Allah the Creator, makes oath (swears) by cosmic events “By the sky And the Night Visitant (The rein);- And what will explain to thee What the Night visitant is? (It is) the star of piercing brightness”. In another verse He says “By the star When it goes down. Your companion is neither ashtray nor being misled. Nor does he say (ought) of (his own) desire” Allah swears by the sky and the night visitant, Whoever hears or reads this for the first time would not know what these objects sweared by mean? What do they mean? Therefore Allah clarified it as the “piercing star”. Then how can a star become a visitant or piercing ? Is there a scientific interpretation for these cosmic phenomenon? Interpreters usually interpret that the ray of the star to be piercing, however, the characteristic of Night visitant is rarely dealt with. The other part deals with another cosmic phenomena. It is the phenomena of the star when it goes down (Meteor). However, we have to differentiate between this phenomena and the phenomena of the meteor. The phenomena of the meteor is a daily phenomena. Every day large number of meteor enters the earth atmosphere due to their high speed which raises their heat by their friction with air and therefore they get burned. Some of these meteor reach the surface of the earth. However this meteor has been mentioned in Quran in more than one place but Allah did not swear by them. He sweared by the star which goes down Then why He sweared by the star which goes down ? The neotronic stars are larger than the sun by the percentage of 4:1. When the star starts to collapse it shrinks quickly and pressure increases upon its molecules. Consequently these molecules get destroyed and the electronic liquid gets formed and its thickness increases and fails to bear the pressure resultant from the weight of the star and its gravitation. Consequently this gravitation crushes the electronic liquid star as it has crushed the crust of the molecules before. The collapse of the red giant continues. The electrons and protens get fused and form new neutrons. As the layers of the star are collapsing it seeks a salavator to rescue it from the weight of the star which causes everything. Finally the electrons and protens get fused with each other and the star gets converted into neutrons which are pressured upon each other in the absence of any space and the density of the star reaches a standard record and the red giant shrinks into the ball star formed from neutronic materials in the size of pulzars balls with the size which transcends fifty thousand billion tons. If this ball is put on the earth or any other cosmic planet they will not bear their huge weight and consequently it will create a hole equal to its size. However the story of discovering the neotronic star is a unique one. In 1968 an American girl student picked up wireless signs from outer space. She received these signs by a new equipment called the wireless telescope or Radio Telescope. She got these signs from distances which are estimated by millions of years. In the early years of the 1970s the astronomers succeeded to observe many stars which share the characteristics of sending regular wireless signs. These signs are highly accurate and reach the earth XXXXXXXX and each sign continues for a fraction of second and get repeated every second or more. Then who has named these stars which release sign the beating stars? The piercing star? Then its characteristics would be the signs which Allah swears with. The beating star is a cosmic body which has two characteristics. It is a star and at the same time it is a piercing body. If we compare it with any other cosmic body we will find that the neotronic star fulfills the characteristics of being a star, a beating star and a piercing star. It has regular beatings and knockings, tick … tick … tick and hence it is similar to those pips which have been received by the scientists. The source of these pips and ticks was the neotronic star. The scientists found that the newly born neotronic star has high speed signs due to its high speed rotation and energy whereas the old neotronic star has slow speed signs in wide span of times due to the reduction in its speed and energy as well as rotation. Allah, the elevated, gave this star a special status and sweared by it. So the greatness of the swearing is indicated by the greatness of the object sacred by. Its is well known that the density among other cosmic bodies and its weight is more than that of the earth or any other cosmic body. Inspite of its small size, the neotronic star, it is a piercing star. We may imagine what would happen to the earth or any other cosmic body if this neotronic star is put on it or if it crashes down on it. Even the sun would not bear it. The number of the neotronic stars in our galaxy “Milky Way” are estimated as one hundred thousands of beating, piercing neotronic stars. The sky is full of these stars and therefore Allah sweared by it. Everyself has a preserver which observes it and account for it. There is a similarity between the beater and the peircer. It is one of the miraculous nature of Quran that it has described a fact, in a few expressive and impressive words, however this fact has been discovered now after fourteen centuries of the revelation of Quran. After describing this star as peircer and beater then Quran refers to the human self which has been an observer, a keeper who account for each movement of even the heart beating of the eye sight which pierces various objects and indicates human intentions. Thus there is a metamorphic similarity between the piercing beating neotronic star which rotates the depth of skies and preserving and keeping self which realizes the human nature in its various aspects. This reveal that Allah, the elevated, has revealed Quran to His Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The Quran is full of so many aspects of our life and planets but Herman intellect is still incapable of realizing these miracles revealed by Quran. Source : “Quranic Verses in the light of Science” By : Dr Yahya Elmihjari




Expanding of Cosmos


Before 7929 it was thought that fallacies or bit in haphazard manner seinilar to movement of the molecules of gazes however in 1929 ascintific break though turned this assumption up side down Hable discovered that these millions of phalanxes are gaudily distancing themselves from each other This process of distancing is getting accom plaited in great speed which some times is equal to a fraction of the speed of light Even those fallacies which are near to mear to our glassy (Milk way) with the exception of Andromida, are in contentions process of expansion.This means that the size of the cosmos is in con tenuous expansion . Allah says “And the sky we have created by hands we will enuzde As we know light is formed of seven different colors Each color has awe which has aseptic length vibration .The shortest awe the blue light has the highest vibration whereas the red light has the longest awe but it has the lowest vibration When Hable analyzed the light which comes from the galaxies he has studied he found that in all studied cases, with the exception of Andromida some other near by galaxies there is general widening of the red light . The more widening toward the red more distance of galaxies is from us After this discovering which was made by Hable it became evident that there are huge dark gaps behind these gaps there is a huge gravitational factor which leads to the red widening. Hence the cosmos is expanding from the point of start to the red ray. There fore aOwanic reality which states that “We will envied” has been now confirmed by science which assumes that the cosmos is having beginning from which it expands extends it self Allah says that He created the sky He is the one Who will expand it. This is what is going on now seine billions of years the Cosmos is in a continuos expansion. Many gastronomists have confirmed this fact. There fore it became an unchallenged and confirmed scientific fact. The cosmos is expanding the Earth is Globular rotates around itself rotates around the sun. All these are revealed in Dawn now since is confirming it Swore Irenic Verses in the light of science.




The Forelock


Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elzindani said that I was reading the Quranic verse “Let him beware! If he desist not, we will Drag him by the forelock, A lying, sinful forelock” [96-15] the forelock is the forehead. He used to supplicate and ask Allah to reveal the meaning of “A lying, sinful forelock” I meditated about this verse for then years but I remained perplexed. I referred to interpretation books. An interpretor says by lying forelock but it has a metaphorically used to point at the lying person himself as he is the source of lying. However, a research prepared by a famous Canadian scientist dealt with the forehead. The scientist was a specialist in the science of brain, desiccation and embryology. He introduced his research in a medical conference held in Cairo. A doctor and his wife were attending that conference. When the wife heard “A lying, sinful forelock” its Arabic transliteration is “Naseyaton Kazibaton Khateaa” The interpretors say, “Naseyato Kazibin Khatein then she inquired about the last “h” and asked why it is missing. I said to myself it is missing “h” which has perplexed me for ten years. When we come back to the research we find that the Canadian scientist stated that it was only since five years that the part of the brain which is directly under the forehead responsible for fabricating lies and mistakes. It also helps the eyes to see and the ears to hear. It is also the center which takes decisions: If this part of the brain is cut, then the person will lose his independent will and become incapable of taking decisions. He will also loose control over himself. The Canadian scientist said that it was only since fifty years that we have come to know that it is the part of the brain which is behind the forehead which helps man to take decisions. Then, who is the real power behind taking decisions? We know that it is the human soul which takes decisions. It is the souls which sees but the eye is the seeing sense. It is the soul which hears but the ear is the hearing sense. The part of the brain at the forehead takes the decision and it is the quality of out decision which we have taken that affect our intentions and deeds. Therefore addressing and threatening wrong doers the Quran says, “We will drag him by the forelock, A lying, sinful part. Today science advanced and discovered that the “part’ of the brain which is located at the forelock in human being is smaller and weaker in Animals. In animals also this part controls the animals. It is the center that helps the animal. Therefore, in another Quranic Aaya Allah says, “There is not a moving creature, but He hath Grasp of its forelock” [11:56]. Scientist found this fact after a careful analysis and studies of the brain. But Quran and before fourteen centuries explained this fact in Quran. The saying of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) also confirmed this. He says, “O Allah, I am your servant and the son of your servant, my forelock is under your control” the forelock is the center of control and guidance. Therefore, this center of control and guidance must abide by religion and the reaching of Quran. It has to obey Allah. Therefore, to make it obedient Allah ordered Man to pray a bow down the forelock in every prayer. To make sujood as a sign of obedience to Allah. There may be also a close relation between this bowing down of the forelock while we pray has a positive impact on our behavior. It may be behind helping us to adopt a straightforward behavior. Quran says, “And establish regular prayer: for prayer restraints from shameful and unjust deeds” [29:45] Source: “The Age of faith has dawned” By: Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elzindani.



Woman and the display of body


Describing women who are morally decayed. The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said that they are “women dressed but naked, corrupt and corrupters, their hairs are like the inclined hump of female camel, they do not enter the Heaven nor smell its fragrance” [Refer to Abu Daud] the prophet also said “the prayer of a mistreating woman is not acceptable until she purifies her self” [Refer to Imam Ahmed, Abu Daud & Ibn Maja]. The modern scientific researches confirmed that the nakedness of women, their body displaying & their moving in an obscene shape id a disaster on them. The current statistics showed that there is a clear spread of the malignant cancer which affects the naked and displayed part of the women bodies particularly those women who dress short clothes. It was published in the British Medical Magazine that “the melanoma malignant cancer which was one of the most rare cancers is now spreading among women. The cases of this type of cancer is increasing among young women. It affects their legs. The medical publication went on saying that the main cause behind the spread of short dress & fashions which expose the body of women to the rays & light of the sun. Moreover, the transparent dress and legs gloves do not help in avoiding this type of cancer. The Medical Magazine appealed to the environment doctors to participate in collecting information about this type of cancer, because it is becoming an epidemic phenomenon. This reminds us with the Quranic sign which says in the tongue of the obstinate unbeliever “O God, if this is indeed The Truth from Thee, Rain down on us a shower of stones from the sky, or send us a grievous penalty” [8:32] Now to torture has come down in the form of a malignant cancer. It is caused by the exposition of women’s body to the sunrays and ultraviolet rays for a long time it affects the whole body but with different proportion. Initially, it appears as a dark; small spot on either the foot or the leg, and some times in the eye. Then it spreads all over the body. It attacks the lymph knots at the upper part of the thigh. It also attacks blood and invades the liver & destroys it. It may settle in all the organs of the body such as bones, the belly & perhaps the kidneys. If it attacks the kidneys then the patient will experience black urine as a result of inner destruction of the kidneys. It may get transferred to the child in the womb of his mother. However, this disease does not allows its patient to survive for a long time & it does not respond to surgical treatment like other types of cancers nor it responds to treatment by rays sessions like some other types of cancers. Therefore have we realized the wisdom behind Islamic legislation which aimed to protect women not only from passers by but also from a skin disease called cancer. The subject Islamic legislation called upon women to corner their bodies properly & with loose and not narrow and not transparent clothes. Therefore, Islamic uniform for women protect them from physical diseases, from teasing in the streets & from the torture of life on the judgement day. Source: “Scientific Miracles in Islam & Sunna Nabaweya” By: Mohammed Kamil Abdel Samad.






The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said “a man has not filled-up a vessel worst than his belly, it is sufficient for a man some few bites which support his stamina, it is necessary to take more, then one third of the space for food, a third for the water and a third for respiration.” [Refer to Iman Ahmed, Turmizi and others] He also said “the stomach is the house of ailments”. Now science discovered that from health point of view, fatness indicated a defect in the assimilation of nourishment due to excessive fat or ill-functioning of endocrine glands. However, hereditary does not play a major role in fatness as some people think. Researches confirmed that fatness has dire consequences on the human body. An American Insurance company has published statistics inducting that the more increase in the lines of waist belt the more decrease in the rate of human age. Men whose waist surrounding is more that the chest surrounding have higher rate of death. The research also confirmed that the Urine diabetes disease targets the fat person rather than the normal person. Fatness has a negative effects on the organs of the body, particularly the heart. The fat replaces some of the cells of the heart muscles & directly affects its proper function. The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has rightly warned against fatness when he said “the stomach is the house of ailments”. The above mentioned research also warned against using medicines to decrease weighs. The best way to decrease weigh & keep the body normal and fit is to follow the directives and guidance of Allah who ordered us not to take food excessively. Allah says “O children of Adam! Wear your beautiful apparel at every time & place of prayer: eat and drink: But waste not by excess, For Allah love not the wasters” [7:31]. Therefore, it was before fourteen centuries Islam explained the importance of adapting a moderate and normal nourishment system that created moderate and balanced weighs. Islam preceded the modern medical references in warning against excess in taking food and the negative of fatness. To protect the digestive system, the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said, “the origin of every ailment is excessive eating of food” [Refer to Eljamie Elsageer] This saying by the prophet indicated the importance of protecting the digestive system which will lead to protecting the whole body against self poisoning resultant from excessive eating. Excessive eating & eating before digesting the previous meal lead to burden the digestive system, inflammations in the digestive system as well as multiplying harmful bacteria in it. Consequently it releases its poisons in blood, respiratory system, urinary system and kidneys and defection them. Therefore, here we find the miraculous significance if Quran & the sayings of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) which aimed to protect the healthy of man by advising him not to take excessive food and & not to be fat very lately, modern medicine reached to this Islamic fact. Source: “Scientific Miracles in Islam & Sunna Nabawia” By: Mohammed Kamil Abdel Sammad






The prophet Mohammed PBUH SAID How good the blood letter who relief’s the person from bad blood dries up the swelling importers eye sight Refer Termini It is said that the prophet PBUH has under gone blood letting paid for the blood letter Refer to Bookman Muslim. The modern scenic diseases blood problems some types of liver disc overed that blood letting can cure some types of heart diseases blood problems some types of liver diseases. When the lungs get congested due to decline in heat beating when all medication mean such as dieresis tying up of hands and legs to reduce the inflow of blood towards the heart fail then letting blood out by the process of blood letting may proof effective curing the decline in heart beating. Moreover in case of sudden in crease in blood pressure which may be accompanied by semi comma condition the inab ility to recognize time place than blood letting may proof effective in curing it some cases of liver diseases such as liver damage which does not respond to other medication measures can be cured by blood letting. Some blood diseases such as increase in crease in the quan tity of the hemoglobin may require treat ment by blood letting so that to avoid any side effects. It is important to mention that the numbers of red cells increase with those who lire in high mount aneous areas where there is some times shortage of Oregon It may be caused also by excessive heat which in states sweat glands conseq gently incases also the numbers of red cells. Therefore to restore the numbers of hemoglobin number of red cells it is a dried to adop blood letting measure. The prophet Mohammed by blood letting. He says how good is medication by blood letting. Source EL Iejaz ELImi FiEL Quran Wal Sunnael Nabawye By Mohammed Kamil Abdd Samad




The fever


The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said about fever Verging the fever is from the heat of hell and therefore make it cool by water (Refer to Bukhari) when a man cursed fever the prophet (PBUH) said Don’t curse it because purifies thee iron from rust (Refer To Muslim) Now it became evident that when some body gets fever of high temperature which may reach 41 degrees centigrade lohich has been described by the prophet as heat of death as well. Therefore in addition to fever medicine cool water plays an important role in decreasing the course of heat. The fever stricken person may be put in cool water or to embrace him by cold water or ice so that to decrease the course of heat. The fever stricken person may be put in cool water or to embrace him by cold water or ice so that to decrease the course of the fever and restore the normal temperature of the body. Therefore when fever infects the prophet Mohammed he used to ask for a skin of water to pour it on his body. When the normal temperature of the body is restored it gets better chance to light the viruses and germs. The effect of the fever on body is that although it makes it suffer from high temperature but it a citrates the defense system of the body After severe fever the body may release a lot of sweat mucus other fluids which contain the destroyed alive germs with it. Hence the fever acquired apuifying nature. It makes the acquired commune system more alert. Therefore we touch the significance of the prophets saying we ealise that it is really divide saying. Source EL Ijaz ELIlmi File Islam Wall Sunnier EL Nabawaya By Mohammed kamil Abdel Samad





Warning against the leprosy disease, the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said “Escape away from the Leprous the way you escape away from the Lion” [Refer to Bukhari] The modern Medical science discovered that leprosy disease is one of the most dangerous skin diseases which gets transferred by the Leprosy microbe which has been seen and recognized before one hundred years, however, still (modern medical circles could not find an effective cure to this disease or control it. Leprosy affects the terminals of the nerves such as the limbs. It makes the leprous lose the sense of feeling. Therefore, he does not feel heat or cold. He may not even the piercing of at horn to his skin. The leprous faces atrophy of the muscles of arms and legs. Ulcers spread on his body particularly on hand and legs. Bones erode and the leprous loses his fingers. It may affected the cornea of the eyes & makes him blind, it may also affect his testis & this means that the leprous may loose fertility & becomes sterile. Leprosy is of two kinds, the knot leprosy. It affects the people with weak immunization system. It appears in the form of different size knots. It spreads all over the body, particularly, the face and gives it a special shape which makes it resemble the face of a lion. It also causes hair drop. It may also affect the mucous membrane & creates bleeding. The numbed knots Leprosy is the second type of leprosy which appears on the skin in the form of pale knots which have different shapes and sizes. They are characterized by loss of sense, sweating and loss of the skin pigment. This type of leprosy affects people who have good immunization system. The greatness of the directive of the prophet (PBUH) appears in the fact that he advised people into to gaze at leprous. He said “Don’t gaze at Leprous” [Refer to Irshad Elsari to Sharh of Bukhari]. The modern science proved that when the leprous sees a healthy or normal person, he gazes at him and then suffers from psychological pain. Therefore, the advice of the prophet wanted to respect the feelings of the leprous. The saying of the prophet (PBUH) which asked people to run away from the leprous as they run away from the lion shows the dangerous nature of this disease which can be transferred easily and its overwhelming nature. Modern science also advised people to avoid leprosy people so long as the disease they nurse is active and not neutralized and its activity is not suspended by the use of the available resistant. Source: “Scientific Miracles in Quran And Sunna Nabawia” By: Mohammed Kamil Abdel Samed. .






A man sought advice from the prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The prophet (PBUH) said to him “Don’t be angry”, the man repeatedly sought for more advice and the prophet (PBUH) repeated, “Don’t be angry” [Refer to Bukhari]. Now, it is scientifically and medically proved that anger as a form of human reaction affects human heart. It increases the rate of heart beating to an abnormal or unnatural state and consequently increases the blood pushed in the blood vessels and increases the probability of blood pressure and heart attack. It is well known that physical efforts such as running or working a physically hard work increases the heart beating. But in such cases the heart beating is accompanied by physical exertion and toil therefore there is a balance between the heart exertion and physical to it. It improves the healthy of both the heart and the body. But in the case of anger it is only the heart which experience tense in addition to the harmonic and inner changes which affect the angry, more blood gets pumped into the body whose blood vessels are not ready and wide to receive the pushed blood and consequently, creates blood pressure and heart attack. A running man may stops running and achieve a normal rate of heart beating, but and angry man may not be able to get rid of the anger and its cause quickly and consequently increases an imbalance heart tense and this results into health problems. This is in addition to the social tension, crimes and family unrest. Scientists, in the past, used to think that the anger expressed frankly and openly is not harmful to health. They lead to the same consequences. They may differ in their tense. In the case of suppressed anger, a repeated suppressed anger may increase blood pressure and sometimes causes cancer. But in the case of frankly expressed anger and when it is repeated, it may lead to damages in arteries of heart and increases the possibility of heart attack. Because the explosion of anger may increase its wares and it becomes difficult to control over the reaction of the angry because the physical state of the person is inseparable from his psychological condition, consequently, the effect of anger reaches to the human glands which secretions. These secretions may forbid the reasoning and immunizing system to act. They may hinder the work of anti-bodies. The body fails to use its defensive weapons which are released by important glands. The body becomes weak as a result of repeated anger. This may interpret the reason behind the turning of normal cells into cancerous cells due to the absence of the normal functioning of the defense system of the body. Therefore, it is clear that the saying of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) contains a valuable wisdom which, it followed, protects human body of scientific medical miracles in the saying of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) who advised Muslims not to angry. Source: “Scientific Miracles in Islam and Sunna Nabaweya” By: Mohammed Kamil Abdel Samad. Anger & its disastrous consequences …… Dr. Ahmed Shawgi Ibrahim, the remember of the Royal Medical Association in London & the internal & heart diseases consultant says … the human tendencies can be divided into four types of human tendencies. The following are the main human tendencies: the lustful tendencies which lead to anger and agitation. The domination tendencies which leads to arrogance and tendency to colonies. The satanic tendencies which lead to hate and desist others. Whatever, may be the type of anger, it instigates the body, affects the heart and causes physical and psychological diseases, such as diabetes, heart attack. The modern medical research confirmed that anger and particularly when it repeatedly overwhelms man, it decreases his age. Therefore, the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) advises Muslim not to be angry. This does not means that a Muslim should not be angry at all, no, but it means he should not be excessively angry. A Muslim should be angry when if there aggression against his religion, his holy sister, his fellow-Muslim brothers. A Muslim should be angry if there is a violation of the teaching of Islam but he should repeat the aggression with an equal aggression. He should not be an aggressor. In case of anger which results from personal conflicts, the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) advises the angry to remain silent. Because if angry man evaluates the reaction which he has not accept it. Therefore the prophet advised the angry man to restrain himself and remain silent. The prophet also says that angry man should solve a problem between two persons. Quran also portrayed anger as a satanic power which conquers man and pushes him to commit deeds which he would have not committed if he were in a normal state of affairs. The prophet Moses dropped the wood boards which contain the holy words of Allah and caught the head of his brother and dragged it towards him. This was because he was angry due to the violation of the teachings of Allah made by his followers in the absence of Moses. When anger disappeared and Moses restored his normal mood he picked-up the wood boards. This shows the effect of anger which made self-control and self-restrain which is accompanied with a deep faith in Allah. The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) praises such self-restrain by saying that the strong man is not strong by his ability to know-down but by his ability to exercise self-retain when he is angry. Avoiding anger can not be avoided by taking sedative tablets and medicines because such medicines will give effect only after repeated uses. Moreover, they make man addictive of such medicines. Anger changes human behavior and conducts, therefore, for the purpose of avoiding anger man should change his behavior and adopt a wise course of solving daily problems and turn his anger into calmness, balance and tranquility. Dr. Ahmed Shawagi adds, the psycho therapy found two ways of curing the angry patient. The first by reducing the sensitiveness to actions and reactions by training the patient, under the supervision of a doctor, to practice relaxation and self-control while facing the same difficult situations which made him angry before. Hence he becomes capable of confronting such problems without getting angry or irritated. The second way of treatment is by adopting muscle and psychological relaxation. The doctor asks the patient to remember the difficult and problematic situations. If the patient was standing he is asked to lie-down and gets chances of meditation and tranquility. This method of treatment is adopted by the modern psychotherapy whereas the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has explained it before fourteen centuries. The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said if any of you becomes angry while he was standing he should sit down, if anger does not disappear then he should lie-down.
Source: Reformation Magazine No.: 296,1994 From the symposiums of the Association of the scientific Miracles in Quran, Cairo.






The prophet Mohammed PBUH said what is not allow by sucking is same as what is not allowed by lineage Agreed up on The scientific researches now proofed this fact. It is now discovered that there are some kinds of bodies in the milk of the mother. When the child sucks the milk of the mother it contributes to the formation of immunization bodies in theformed after the child. These immunization bodies get formed after the child takes three to fire satiation sucking. Naturally three to fire satiation are sufficient doses for the forma tion of the immunizing bodies not only in human child but also in the newborn animals. When the newborn child sucks milk from his mother he acquires some special hereditary Shawmut eristics from the milk of the mother or the woman who provides him sucking consequent they the sucking child acquire traits of similarity with his brother sister or the child who sucked from the same woman before. There it was found that it made and afemal who once sucked from the mother or the same woman get married signs of a disease may appear in them. Therefore we can understand the signififice behind prohibiting of marriage between sister or between a made or female who sucked milk from one woman Brothers by sucking Source Scientific Miracles in Owar Sunna Nabawya By Mohamed Kamil Abdel Samad Therefore Kinship is established acquired transferred by lineage in this process genes get transferred from the milk of the sucking giver pierce into the cells of the sucker get merged with its series of genes. This indicates that the milk of the sucking offerer contains more than the natural swore of human genes is the AND cells.Morever the hereditary system of the child accepts the strange genes because it is not mature just like the many other pants of the child body which do not complete the process of its development maturity before many moths or years after birth. There fore it kinship by sucking is viewed according to this theory then it will have a series importance in various applications. Source: Sciences Ouran By Dr. Mohammed Jameel EL- HABBAL Dr. Magdad Maree EL Jawari




The final of Personality


The prophet “PBUH” said The pen is raised from three parsons: From who is afflict ted and from the boy till he reaches the age of maturity [Refer To Saheeh Eljami] It means that three parsons are not accounted for their conducts behaviors the sleeping person till he wakes up the one who is afflict by madness the boy who has nitrated the age of puberty Now it is medically proofed that the cells of human skin mussels bone s and eyes venue themselves every seven years except the cells of the nervous system which stop from development at the age of gull because at the agearapid development in brain takes place If the cells of the heroes system continue to get renewed at that crucial periods of age then the person laity of the person would have changed he would have had contradictory conducts behave our at asinle moment This indicates the wisdom of Allah the creator the Innovator The growing boy is escccempted from being accounted for his conduits till he reaches the age if complete development which corers the brain the nervous system the body After the comp lets development of the envois system its cells neither increase nor decrease.
Source: Don’t You Look into yourself? Tubsiroon By Anass bin Abdel Hameed Elgo3




Birth Control


The prophet Mohamed (pbuh) said marry the affect innate,the fertile (Refer to Abu Daud& ELMissaee) this saying of the pamphlet clearly and directly asks Muslims not to adopt Birth Control or any similar idea. Now, It is scientifically & medic cally proofed that the use of any kind of birth control measures (Contraceptives) has an adverse effect on the heath of the mother It is usell known that the woman’s reproduce this system controls and organists the functioning of many reproduce hormones achich are secreted by the font part of the pituitary gland & the ovary in the Matura conditions these hormones are released in a balanced quantity. Because it they are esccessively secreted or it there is a shortage in their quantity then it is an indilation of a discase. Therefor, the current medical circles admit that the contraleptires which are in use now are harwful to health. The latest vesearches in this field show that these controaleptuies cause howmonic imbalance increase the weigh of the body, gather undesirable liquids in the boddy, cause chronic inflamation in the reproductwe organs of the mother , increase the possibilities of deadly heart attack for those whose age gas transcend thirty year’s of the possibilities increase with use who translended the age of fourty . The news agents released ther news of the death of a ritish woman who used to ftake contracepture tablets. She used to take valdan tablets for about eight years and then she changed for another tablet called Mithoclor according to a medical advise after some weeks she fell ill and became a captive of bed . Her health deteris rated and then she died. Now it is proofed that the use of contraceprires, particularly, the tablets causes some kinds of cancers the prophet (PBUTT) also warned against feeding the child by the milk of the mother it themother becomes pregnant.because post pregancy sucking makes the child body weak. If we meditate about this islamic guidance we find that there should be three years gap between each pregnaly and this is the optimum period which serves both the mother and the cild as well. In this regard Awarn says “The mothers shall give suck to their offspring for two whole years, it the gather desives to complete the term” [the cow:233]thus, organizing and planning the process of begetting and sucking is encowraged by religion as to gives the mother a chance to restore her health and offers the child achance to get fed properly by the mothers milk. Whereas contraceptuis harm both of them. Unfortunately, some Muslim countries are falling prey to the propaganda of birth control under the pretesct of confronting so and economic chall enges. They derote for these compaign huge amount of money which could have been invested in productire economic and social projects. A secret report from one of the Arab countries reveals that the money spen on the birth control compaign in only one year and which covers the cost of cars, doctors, nurses, medicines, surgical operations, hospitals etc is enough to take caer of a million child whereas the percentage of increase in the number of children does not make their member more the quarter of a million child. Moreover, many islamic csuntrees gave the potentiatities of huge productive progects which can adequate ample opportion ities fffor future workers lohereas these countries are suffeving from shortage in labour power and they are forced to ceeruit large numbers of non Muslim labours from Asua ,Eurepe, America etc. so that to accomplish the planned projects . On the others hand, there are somke islamic countries which are facing over population and at the same time they don,t have enough capitals to erect productere projects which can give chance of survire to the surplus of man power, benefit them and the country as well then why a kind of cooperation berween over populated and under populated Muslim countries is not planned for so that to achieve a mutual benefit and so that to optiming the use of the available resources which is more than sufficient for the present and future generations it is properly utilized. The escample of Japan, the over populated country, is clear before our eyes. Therefore the prophet of islam (PBULT) encouraged us to marry the affectionate; th fertile. Source: (ELIEJAZ EL ILMI, ISLAM,EL SUNNAS EL NABAWIA)




Intermingling between the two sexes


The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said, “A man should not be alone with a strange woman unless there a Mihram” [Refer to Bukhari and Muslim] The term “Mihram” means the husband or the person who cannot marry the subject woman for example, her father, brother, uncle, sister son, brothers son or a brother from sucking. It is a well know fact that the unbridled in term intermingling between strange men and women instigates lower animals instincts in both sexes to such an extent that it can threat the existence and entity of the proper moral and good human society. An American scholar called George Balsoshi mentioned in the book “The Sexual Revolution”, that the Ex president of America, George Kenedy has stated in 1962 that the future of America is in danger, because its youth are degenerated, liquid and sunk deep in reckless animal desires. They are irresponsible therefore they can not come up to the responsibility, which they have to bear. He said that among every seven young men who apply for recruitment in Army six are unfit, because their excessive moral degeneration made them both physically and psychologically unfit. A Lebanese Newspaper stated that coeducation in schools and universities makes girt students think only about their lower emotions and the ways of responding and quenching the animal instincts in them. The newspaper went on saying that more than sixty percentage of the girl-students failed in exams and the basic reason behind their failure is that they think more about sex than about the academic tasks or even more than thinking about their future. This confirms what Dr. Alkas Karlil had said. Karlil says that when sexual instinct arises in Man, a kind of hormone is secreted in the blood. This hormone moves to the brain and paralyses the ability to reason … Therefore, those who advocate intermingling of two sexes actually are not guided by the brain and proper reasoning but by their lower animal instincts. They do not take lesson from the moral degeneration that affects other nations who enhanced unbridled personal freedom and illegal relations between man and woman. A report of American Congress has shown that the crimes committed by the young adolescents are caused mainly by unbridled intermingling of the youth from the two sexes. All these and much more are clearly revealing the advantage of adhering to the sayings of the prophet of Islam (PBUH) the above mentioned saying of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) can be taken as a base of establishing and defining a proper, moral and really human social relation in general and between man and woman in particular. Unbridled intermingling is one of the main reasons behind the disappearance of the sense of shy, which was a shield that protects the food woman from wolf- like men. Unbridled intermingling between man and woman has given way to the spread of blind imitation under the name of the so-called civilization and progressiveness that confused the situation and made men like women and vice versa. It became evident that unbridled intermingling leads to abnormal behaviors and crimes. What those who advocate unbridled intermingling between the two sexes would say about scandal of a British ministry of Industry, contemporary to Margret Tatcher, whose secretary has become illegally pregnant from him. Strangely, the British Times Newspaper revealed that Margret Tatcher played an important role in convincing the Minister Barktson not to marry the victim because such a step would affect his reputation. This indicates an implicit admitting of the evils of intermingling between the two sex without “Mihram” but they do not able to accept the consequence of that unbridled intermingling in which man plays the role of a wolf and woman plays the role a deer, unfortunately woman is accepting this dehumanizing role and consequently she becomes its victim. Many honest people all over the world are calling for reviewing the current state of affairs and re-organizing the relation between the two sexes within a framework that makes human society avoid its evils. This can be considered as a direct return to the guidance of the prophet of Islam Mohammed (PBUH).
Source: “Scientific Miracles in Islam and Sunna Nabaweya” By” Mohammed Kamil Abdel Samed.



The Fetus


When the microscope was invented in the end of 17th century and it enable man to see the human sperm, though human being to be like a small tree, a reduced creature which exists in the sperm. Scientists, at the time, started drawing imaginary shapes to the reduced man inside the sperm and they thought that man exists inside the woman’s womb he grows and develops. However it is just before sixty years the man came to know that it is us so but man comes into existence after crossing many stages of development and growing. It means that it was just since sixty years that man came to know a fact whereas the same fact has been revealed in the Holy Quran before the fourteen centuries. Shaikh El Zindani says that they met a major American scientist by the name of Prof. Marshal Jonson. They told him that in Quran it is mentioned that the creation of a human being is accomplished through many stages. When he heard this he stood up and said : “stages ?! We told him that Quran revealed this before fourteen centuries. He claimed by saying that this is impossible … impossible … We asked them why do you rule it as impossible? We told him that Quran says “He makes you in the wombs of your mothers, in stages one after another, in three walls of darkness” [39:6]. We also gave him the Quranic verse that says “ What is the matter with you, that ye place not your hope for kindness and long suffering in God. Seeing that it is He that has created you in diverse stages ?” [71:13-14]. He sat on the chair and said in meditation : I have the answer : There are only three possibilities : The first is that Mohammed was having a huge microscope which enable him to examine and study these things and consequently, he realized what people were not knowing and then he said these facts : The second possibility is that said these facts by chance and the third possibility is that he is a Prophet of Allah who revealed the facts to him. We said to him : Lets take these possibilities one by one regarding the possibility which claims that the Prophet was having a microscope is not right. Because a microscope is a complicated which needs manufactured lenses and electronic equipment in addition to technical expert and sometimes electricity also, all these were not available at all at that time of the Prophet PBUH. Therefore it is a baseless claim. The second possibility which claims that the Prophet has said the facts by chance cannot be accepted. Because Quran has mentioned this fact not only in a single verse but in many verses. Moreover, Quran dealt with the stages of human creation in detail. Therefore it cannot be a chance dealing, but a dealing which came from a well knowing resource. At this point the American scientist; Then don’t u have any other interpretation ? He replied that there is no other interpretation except that is a divine revelation ! The sperm of man fertilizes the ovum of the woman, The door is closed in the face of any other sperm and the creation begins. Allah says “ Man We did create from a quintessence (of clay) Then We placed him As (a drop of) sperm, in a place of rest, Firmly fixed ;” [23:12-13] The stages of creation goes-on according to systematic proportions. Quran says “Woe to man ! What hath made him Reject God From what stuff Hath He created him? From a sperm-drop. He hath created, and then molded him in due proportions; [80:17-19] Who said to the Prophet Mohammed PBUH which revealed this. Quran says “That He did create In pairs – male and female, from a seed when lodged (in its place): [53:45-46] At the time of the process of fertilization which takes place in the womb of the mother the sex of the new creature is determined. Who told the Prophet Mohammed PBUH all this? Until 1940s, when the electronic microscope was discovered, Man was not knowing at which stage of creation in the womb of the mother does the sex of the creature is determined? But when Quran and since fourteen centuries explained it clearly. Whoever wants to confirm this fact can refer to the books of interpretations. Even the Prophet PBUH told us where does the fertilized cell settle? How is its condition before settlement. The Prophet Mohammed PBUH says “The angel enters to the fertilized cell after it settles”[Refer to Ahmed in Musanad] The term “settles” means that it was not in the state of settlement. It was moving. A part of it came from the father and other part from the mother and together the formed a fertilized cell which buries itself in the womb. Then what happen after its settlement The Prophet Mohammed PBUH said that “The angel enters to the fertilized cell after it settles in the womb by about forty of forty five (days)” Who told the Prophet Mohammed PBUH all these minute scientific details? Who told him about the final settlement of the fertilized cell … about its plantation in the womb … about the determination of sex … etc ? Now the medical books call the stage of settlement as the stage of planting. The medical circles think that they are the first who coined such agricultural metaphor to speak about the process of human creation, but before them Quran described mothers by saying that “Your wives are as a tilth unto you”[2:223] It means that she is the fertile place to plant the next generation. The womb of the mother forms its inner cover from the fertilized cell. The fertilized cell sinks into the womb. The process of sinking of the fertilized cell is an indication of a beginning of a serious task; that the creation of a human being. In Quran the term “sinking” is a term which has two meanings. One of these two meanings indicates the relation of the man with the womb of his mother. The other meaning has come as follows “When the world went forth: “ O earth ! Swallow up Thy water, and O sky with hold (thy rain) and the water abated” [11-44]. Here the word “abated” has two meanings, the water abated means that it decreased, and it also means that it sank. Therefore the fertilized cell abated’ has also the same two meanings. It means that the fertilized cell has sank so that to stick to the wall of the womb and also decreased so that to create the placenta. A part of it will create the placenta and another part will go on the process of creation. Allah, the Exalted in might says “God doth knows what every female (womb) doth bear”. By how much the wombs Fall short(of their time or number or do exceed. Every single thing is before His sight, in (due) proportion”[13:18] What goes on inside the womb is a challenge to science and scientists. Science now claims that it can know whether the new creature in the womb is a male or female. But it can do so only after the creation has already taken-place. It cannot know many aspects of the process of creation such as the destiny of the new creature, whether blessed or miserable? For how long he will live ? When he will die? Only Allah knows these facts. Quran says “Verify the knowledge of the hour is with God (alone) it is He Who sends down the rain, and what is that he will earn on the morrow Nor does any one know in what land he is to die ainted (with all things)”(31:34). No one can know, minutely what is going on in the womb and what is the affairs of the child inside and outside the womb. These are the knowledge of mystery and only Allah has its keys. Allah releases knowledge related to this and which concerns each new creature to angels. Therefore angles come to know about it from Allah. No body can know these mysterious things. It is as mysterious as the attempt to give two cues of bricks to a builder and ask him to build. He will not know what kind of building is required, a school, a hospital, a house etc. Therefore nobody can know the characteristic of the fetus in the womb of the mother. Because at the initial stage of creation each organ is represent by only one cell. Shaikh Zindani says that he asked Prof. Marshall Johnson if he has tried to know the future the future characteristics of the child at the stages of fetus. He said that he tried to do so by studying hereditary chromosomes and he continued to experiment for ten years so that to know the future destiny of the creature who will come out of the fetus subject to study. Then Zindani asked him what the result was. He said that the result was that he wept !!! Zindani inquired why he wept. He replied that he wept because he failed to know any thing. Then Shaikh Zindani informed the American scientist that he was in a futile effort which would not enable him to achieve any result. Because he will not know these things. It is mysterious knowledge which only Allah knows. The stage of sperm “fertilized cell” is a closed stage which will not give any information to man about the characteristics of the new creature. It is the stage of fetus sticking on the wall of the womb and becomes firmly fixed in the womb of the mother. It is only at the stage of further development that man can know the sex of the child and the possible or probable date of its birth and some other minor information which are not crucial as far as the characteristic and destiny of the child are concerned. The Quranic verse number [32:12-13] are followed by other signs which give more minute details about the process of creation in the womb of the mother. It says “Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; “We usually know a kind of a clot which exists in water and remaining ready to hangs to the mouth of animals. Its aim is to suck the blood of the animal. It is called water clot because it hangs to the wall of the womb to suck blood and it is also surrounded by a liquid. Then the following stage is called a lump. Quran says “Then of that clot We made a (fetus) lump;” It is called so because it is similar to be a material cheated by the teeth and which changes its shape after each chewing. It indicates a vigorous process of creation. So traces which resemble the trace of the teeth-chewing appear in it. It takes different shapes and gives a gradual appearance to some main parts of the would-be complete apparent shape of the child. It does not give a complete shape of the final shape. It represents complete and incomplete cells of growing bones. The main bones and the minor bones. Therefore Quran described it as “Then out of a morsel of flesh, partly formed and partly unformed[22:5]. Who told all these to the Prophet Mohammed PBUH. Was he possessing an electronic microscope? Whole of the creative is not more than one centimeter only. Then comes the stage of bones. The lump starts turning into bones. Quran says “then We made out of that lump Bones”. In the past scientists and doctors used to think that bones and flesh are simultaneously created. But it is not so. Bone are firstly created then enclothed by flesh. This is Quranic fact. Quran goes on and says “and clothed the bones with flesh”. In the stage which follows the clothing of bones by flesh, the child witnesses a rapid development and growing and qualifies himself to receive the spirit, the soul. He came to existence an alive human being. Quran indicates this fact by saying “Then We developed out of it another creature, so blessed be God, The Best to Create”. Here the term, “developed” means the making or creating (the child) is a distinguished and distinct creature. He is composed of body and soul who will come out to the world and represent other generation Who may contribute to the process of Earth Rehabilitation. But man is born to die. And after his death, he will be resurrected again. The same Quranic verse says “After that, at length Ye will die. Again on the Day of Judgement, will Ye be Raised up.”[32:12-13]. These verses give the process of creation, final shape of creation, death and finally raising up on Judgement Day. It gives the stages of human creation. Thy also show human destiny, death and trial. These Quranic verses are strong evidence that Quran is a divine revelation and the Prophet Mohammed PBUH is the messenger from Allah. Quran disclosed scientific facts which were not known to Men and only in the modern age man is gradually recognizing them. Source : Science in the Path for faith By : Shaikh Abdul Majeed El Zindani




The Skin


People used to think that whole the body of the human being is sensitive. They used to think that wherever it is inflicted it will pain. Howerve as the science of Anatomy advanced it realized that not whole human body is sensitive. It discovered that only the skin is the sentries. Part of the body. The evidence is that if a person takes a need and penetrates it into his body he will fuller feel pain only when the needle afflicts it self on and through the skin but when it reaches the flesh inside the body the flesh will not give any sign of pain. When the scientists examined the skin under the Microscope they found that the web of the nervous system is an integral fart of the skin. Moreover they found that nerves are of different types. Some of these nerves are sues it we to touch, some are sensitive to pressure, some are sensitive to heat others are sensitive to cold All these are concentrated with in the layer of human skin Therefore when unbeliever are thrown into hell on the judge meant day the fire burns him however when their skin get burnt it will be replaced by another new skin. Quern says Those who reject Our signs, We shall soon Cast into the fire. As often as their skins are routed through we shall change them for fresh skins that they may taste the penalty For Allah is Exalted in POWER Wise (4:56) Allah informs us that he will change the roasted skins of the unbelievers with new skins so that they will taste the pain to true of fire. Another Ouranic verse display what the unbelievers will drink its effect on their bowels. It says unbelievers. Shall dwell forever. In the fire and be given to drink boiling water so that it cut up their bowels (to pieces)? (47:15). In the previous Ouranic Verse skins were associated with pain to true therefor after getting roasted they will be replaced by new skin so that to perpetuate a continuous to true pain on the unbelievers. However the second Ouranic verse tells us that the unbelievers bowels will be torn up by special water which has extreme neat. Now modern anatomy found that human bowel has no nerves therefore it do sent feat the heat and Cold. Therefore the Ouranic verse stated that the bowels will be torn cons equently enjoy or make use of stabling will revere enjoy or make use of what they drink or eat. It is clear that Ouran has shown us the difference between the skin the bowels as far as the nerves senses are concerned. Today modern science boasts itself of descent it whereas it is an established concept in Qurain, which was repealed to the prophet of Islam before fourteen centuries. Swore: Knowledge is the Path of faith By Shaikh Abdel Majeed EL-Zindani




Does Zamzam water have a special advantage that makes it different from water?


Yes, Zamzam water has a special physique that makes it advantageous water. This fact has been proved by a group of Pakistani researches. The Haj research center also conducted special researches about Zamzam water and it found that it has a wonderful physique that makes it different from other drinkable liquids. Mr. Sami Angaur the manager f the Haj research center told me that when they were digging for more wells of Zamzam they found the more they take from the well the more the amount of water becomes. They also examined the extent of its purity and they found that it is pure and sterile water that has no any germs in it. The prophet Mohammed [PBUH] said, “The water of Zamzam fulfils the purpose for which it has been drunk”. [Refer to Misnad Ahmed]. A man from Yemen was fond of reading Quran from a small Mushaf. As he becomes old he found that he couldn’t read Quran easily from that book because his sight is becoming weak. He heard about the water of Zamzam and its advantage of fulfilling the purpose for which it has been drunk. He came to Haj and he drank from Zamzam. He started reading from that small Mushaf of Quran easily and without any sight problems. He achieved what he wanted because he was confident of that and has deep faith in the saying of the prophet [PBUH], “The water of Zamzam fulfils the purpose for which it has deep drunk” He was also confident and has deep belief in the Quranic sign in which Allah says, “When my servants ask thee concerning me, I am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he collect on me, let them also with a will listen to my call, and believe in Me. That may walk in the right way”. [2:186] Source: “You ask about the scientific miracles of Quran an Sunna and Shaikh Zindani answers” By Shaikh Abdel Majeed El Zindani. Yusria Abdel-Rahman Haraz from the crimson Alcer in eye after she consumed Zamzam water. She said that she was affected by a crimson alcer in eye. It affect her by a severe headache which cannot be cured by tablets. She was about to become blind in the affected eye. She went to a famous doctor who suggested to give her an injection which will stop the headache but it will also dysfunction the affected eye and consequently she will loose the sight in the affected eye. Mrs. Yusria got frightened but she confident of the mercy of Allah. The almighty and that he would cure her. She thought of performing Omra so that to supplicate to Allah to cure her. She come to Makka and performed Tawaf, there were not many people and the place areas not crowded, therefore, she could be with the Zamzam water for long time. She washed her eyes. When she came back to the hotel she found that her affected eyes was cured and the crimson alcer disappeared. This event proves that it is a confirmation of the Hadeeth which says, “Zamzam water fulfils the purpose for which it has been drunk, if you drink it for getting cured Allah cures you, if you drink it for stomach satisfaction Allah will satisfy you and if you drink it for quenching thirst Allah will quench your thirst.” [Refer to El-Dar Gatni and El-Hukm and Zad] There are many of such events, which proves the truth of what prophet Mohammed [PBUH] said and the holy nature of Zamzam water. Dr. Farooque Antar tells his own story. He says that he has been affected by a stone in his uriter and the doctor could nit remove or destroy it without a surgical operation. But he postponed the operation two times. Meanwhile he performed Omra and supplicated to Allah to cure him without undergoing operation. He drank from Zamzam water and prayed two Rakaat. Then he felt a benching in his uriter and hurried up to the toil and by the grace of Allah he saw the uniracle. The stone came out and he was cured without undergoing a surgical operation. The doctors who were treating Dr. Farooque were surprised for this godly treatment. Source: “Scientific Miracles in Islam & Sunna Nabawiyya” By, Mohammed Kamil Abdel Samad.




 A boy or a girl


A strange question is being handled now. Do the family need a boy or a girl child? An American university has conducted a research which deals about this matter. However, I was discussing the meaning of the Hadith which has been related by Ibn Katheer. The Hadith says, “If the semen of Man comes over the semen of a woman, it will produce a male child by the will of Allah and if the semen of the woman comes over the semen of man it will produce a female child by the will of Allah”. We send the question related to the material factor determining the sex of the child to many European countries and USA but we received a negative reply. They did not accept such interpretation. However, just before two years we started finding answer by the help of Zology to assumes that there are some signs which proves the significance which we understand from the above Hadith. Scientists found that the secreted semen of the male tends to be acidic while secreted semen of the female tends to be alkaline. If the semen of both, the male and female get mixed and the alkaline semen of the female dominates the acidic semen of the male, the major result of such domination is a female child and vice versa. This research has been experimented on cows in France so that to increase the members of female cows and the result was that the rate of increase in the oxen was 70% and in female cows was 30% and therefore they stopped the experiment in its early stages. Many great scientists attended the medical conference hold in King Faisal University in Dammam. They said that there is only one person who can answer or interpret the above phenomena but he was in USA. He is Prof. Saad Haliz an Egyptian Muslim. Later on we met him and he introduced himself as the initiator of a new science called the science of Men’s sterility. He is the president of the editorial staff of two magazines and wrote about 34 books. He made a thorough study of the semen of Man and Woman for about ten years by the use of the electronic microscope and the computer. He reached to a conclusion that the semen of man is acidic and that of the woman is alkaline. When the two semen meet, and if the dominant content was acidic it produced a male child and vice versa. Allah is Great. I told this Egyptian scholar that what he found had been said by the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) before more than fourteen centuries. I told him that the whole issue depends on the will of Allah as the meaning of Hadith indicates. Because there are many people who tried to determine the sex of his offspring but he got the opposite of his desire. He agreed with me in this issue and added that many people did desire to beget many children, but their wives begot more that what they desired. Thus the content of the above Hadith has been confirmed by modern science and the will of Allah also has been confirmed modern science. Source: “You ask about the miracles of Quran and Sunna an Shaikh El Zinadi answers” By Shaikh Abdul Majeed El Zindani.




 Protector measures against diseases


The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said “Cover the food vessels and cover water pot, because there is a night in the year when epidemic appears, if it comes across an uncovered food vessel or uncovered water pot it would over whenever it”. [Refer Muslim]. Today modern medicine proved the prophet of Islam (PBUH) was the first who founded the base of hygiene and the measures that protect man against diseases. It is well know that there are many diseases which spread at particular time or season in the year. some of these diseases appear after every many years. This science cannot interpret it even now. For example, measles, poliomyelitis appear in an excessive manner in the months of September and October. Whereas typhoid appears in Summer while cholera takes a duration circle of about seven years and the small-pox may appear every three years. All this exemplify the significance of the above saying of the prophet (PBUH). The prophet (PBUH) also says, “Because of Dust, because it may contain Nasma (Microbes)”. Today and after the discovery of microscope it was found that there are so many epidemics which spread from one person to another are to transferred, mainly by the dust. Microbe hangs with the dust and spreads epidemic from one place to another. This is one of the medical break through which Islam realized before more than 14 centuries. Quoted from “The scientific miracles in Islam & the Sunna” By Mohammed Kamal Abdel Samad. The Big Picture Book of Viruses




Fear and Rain


The first battle fought by the Prophet Muhammed against the un believers was Great Badr battle. Muslims were very few in number whereas unbelievers were in large numbers. Un believers were confident that they will defeat Muslims. They thought so because they depended on their own materialistic calculation which assume victory for armies of large numbers. The time of battle approached and the situation became tense. Quran described it by saying “And remember when ye met, He showed them to you as few in your eyes: And He made u appear As contemptible in their eyes : That Allah might accomplish A matter already enacted [8:44]. Un believer found the number of Muslims about three hundred holy warrior. The number of unbelievers was two thousand out of which two hundreds were fairs ( the single Fairs stands against ten ordinary fighters). As the above Quranic says, the un believers belittled the Muslims because they were few in number and will definitely get defeated. The un believers thought that it will not only be a victory in a battle but it will also be an ideological victory. Therefore they started making a propaganda to exploit the situation and achieve a stronghold over Muslims. The unbelievers out of their confidence of victory started to supplicate and say “Oh Allah give knows who are besiding Truth and who are on the right path. They are the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and his companions. Therefore in such circumstances he will not neglect His worshipers. The Prophet realized that the battle is a crucial battle and a turning point in the history of Islam. He prayed and appealed for help and aid from Allah and Allah accepted his appeal. Quran says “Remember ye implored The assistance of your Lord, And He answered you “I will assist you with a thousand of the angels, Ranks on Ranks, Allah made it but a message of hope, and an assurance To your hearts”[8:9-10]. It means that when Muslims see the soldiers of Allah (the angels) came to help them. Then their hearts will be fearless and stable, however, victory is from Allah it is neither from angels nor from people. Then what happened ? A state of sleeping restored their physical strength and made their morale high but some of them, but some of them, but some of them got night fall. Generally a man who gets night fall must undergo ablution by water so that to be pure for the purpose of prayers and other worshipping activities. But they were in desert and there was no enough water for such a project of ablutions. At morning satan wanted to make a notorious exploitation of this situation. It started a malicious preaching by advising those who got night-fall not to fight otherwise if they die, they will meet Allah and they are impure. However, Allah repulsed the cunning more of satan by sending rain to purify Muslims and expel from them the whisper of satan. Today, medical circles state that when one gets afraid, a specific type of material get secreted in the blood. This material makes limbs unstable. However, to stabilize the limbs and reduce the amount of this destabilizing material it is advisable to scatter water on the subject person. Moreover the rain which was sent by Allah was a material help for stabilizing the sandy soils under the feet. Because if the moving sand becomes wet then it turns to be relatively stable and feet can move on it firmly and without sinking in it. Then what happened the stable sand may be a boon for both, Muslims and unbelievers. But a factor which shakes the balance of power has come in favor of Muslim; it is the angels, Ranks on Ranks”. Then the unbelievers started seeing the number of Muslims had suddenly increased. The unbelievers thought that the Muslims have become double of them. This was a Godly tactics. Quran says “Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message); “Iam with you; give firmness to the Believers : Smite ye above their necks And smite all their Finger-tips off them” [8:12] Source : “Knowledge is the path for faith” By : Shaikh Abdul Majeed El Zindani




The condition of chest in the Higher layers of space


In the first scientific conference about the scietfec miracle in Owen sunna which was held in Islamabad in pakistan,Dr salahul Deen Elmagrabi, amenber the American society of space medicine and ateacher of space medicine in space Medicine Institule in london,has submitted a research which discussed the conlition of humen chest what happens to it when climbbs up in the higher layers of space He said we have vesicles of air when air oxigin enter these vesicles they become pulled, but it we climb up in space, air and oxiging this press ure decrasc, consequently, the vesicles shrink When the vesicles shrink, the chest becomes suffocated breathing becomes more difficult Salahul Deen said that up to ten thousand feet above the level of the see may not affect human chest From 10.000 up to 15.000 thousand of the body man try to accept it self so that to deal with the gradual decrease of pressure which is taking place However from 16000 to 25000 above the level off sea the chest becomes Marrous feels sulfated The person may get affected by comma fainting failure in beathing There fore air craft are supplied by oxigin so that the cabin when people travel in will be adapted for matural breathing even ashen the plane flies above 30.000 or35.000 feet above the sea level if there is failure in the systems of adjusting the pressure air in the cabin then hecnan being may face breathing problems lock of air in the lungs stomach gases get expanded exercise undesirable pressure on the midriff, The midriff on its tern expanded exercise undesirable pressure on the medieff. The midielf on its teen exercises aperture on the lings respiratory system gets suffocated all this are described in the oeeranic verse which says (Those whom Allah cine His plan) Wilted to guide He openeth Their Chest to Islam; Those whom He witlelh to leave straying He maketh their chest close and constricted Asit they had to climb up to the skies thus Doth Allah (heap) the penalty on these who refuse to believe (6:125) so what happens to person who cluinbs up into the space is clearly indicated in this Ouranic verse .This shows that Ouran is the word of Allah it is adcrine Book vereaaled to the prophet Mohammed WAS “pbuh” At the time of thprophet there was planes therefore this fact was not kwon to peaple but Ouran overcalled this Jacted and after four teen centuries the modern sceince got acquain ten with its details Four scholars of meteo rology in the unurersity of king abdel a3i3 parliapated in prepared thes research sour ce (( kuowledqe is the pathfor faith By :Shaikh Abdel Majeed El Zindani




The Heart


Question: Is the heart the centre of prudence and insights in human being? If it was so, what happens when hearts are transplanted or in cases of Artificial hearts, and is the heart which is mentioned in Quran and Sunna is this known physical heart? Answer: Today morning only I got the answer which I have been searching for since a long time we having tracing all materials and news which may quench our search and give us the answer. We have sent one of our brothers to the center of Artificial hearts operations in America. He requested them to speak to the patients. They told him that it is not allowed. They asked him why does he want to speak to them. He said that he wants to meet the patients and ask them some questions. Then what happened is that those who are in charge as of the center became annoyed. They did not understand why does he want to speak to the patients? They informed him that whatever information he wants it will be given to him by them. However he told them that Allah would reveal a matter which would be a miracle. It will be a scientific and miraculous break through that would be the subject of discussion in the next years. He told them that, if Allah wills, they will see and remember. They continued to trace and follow up all the news and day a teacher in the University of King Abdel Aziz asked me if I had heard the news asked him what was the news. He said that it was discovered that the heart is not just a pump of blood, but it is also the center of intellect and prudence. He said Allah is great. He asked the teacher to show him the source of the news. He gave him the news papering which the news were published and it is still with me. Days passed and center of heart operation and artificial hearts was opened in Jordan. We considered it as a suitable chance to get some more information. Then one of the brothers who is tracing and following up the issue said, “Have you heard about the first press conference held by a person who has undergone an artificial heart operation?” I said, No, He said that the person with artificial heart stated that he was suffering from an artificial heart which acts as a mere blood pump. He is suffering from changes in his behaviour and conducts. Later on I got a call from a Sawdi brother who works as a doctor in the field of artificial hearts. He was planning to write a research. I advised him to concentrate on the mental, psychological changes, which affects the person who has undergone an operation of artificial heart. However, he informed me that it is well know today in the medical circles that the new artificial heart is empty from any emotional reactions. It has no reaction to dander whereas the natural heart reacts. It has co reaction to any thing which a person my love whereas the natural heart responds. It is a passive and reactions heart which does not act and react with the rest of the body. I said to him that this state of affairs of the artificial heart would reveal many things and would explain many issues which we are tracing now. Only we have to wait. Already it was discovered now that heart contains prudent hormones. These hormones send messages to the other parts of the body this makes it evident that the heart is the center of prudence and insight and not mere a pump of blood. Allah the exalted says, “And pursue not that of which thou hast No knowledge; for every act of hearing, or be inquired into (on the day of Reckoning) [17:36] Source: “You ask about the scientific Muracles in Quran and Sunna and Shaikh Zindani Answers” By: Shaikh Abdel Majeed El Zindani.